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The Consequences of Not Establishing A Special War Crime Court in Liberia (Part C)

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Continued from part (B): The unimpeachable collaborated sources from Diasporas Liberian and their legal, financial and human rights supporting team in the US, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and Canada have disclosed in confidence that the CIA and Interpol security agents are currently in Liberia gathering ample and solid evidence as well as monitoring the movement of Liberian war perpetrators.

The Diasporas Liberian sources have disclosed that there are solid shreds of evidence that President Weah is aiding, abetting, protecting and covering up for the war perpetrators in Liberia. The source projected that Liberia could soon be declared as one of the most dangerous places to live in West Africa by Liberians, visitors and business people alike.

To avoid this dangerous scenario, and the ugly catastrophic it brings to bear, Diasporas Liberians are calling for very strong economic sanctions and traveling ban on Weah’s government officials. The group is calling for the arrest of President Weah for aiding, abetting and protecting special interests of Liberian war criminals in Liberia. They are also calling for the speedy detention of former President Sirleaf, Senator Prince Johnson, Justice Kabenah Ja’neh, and others war criminals.

The source also revealed that over 15000 plain clothes international security personnel are currently stationed in West Africa monitoring the movement of Liberian war criminals. The source also pointed out that the Diasporas Liberian have constituted an asset verification team comprised of top US’s lawyers who are on a fact-finding mission to identify potential assets of Liberian war criminals in the US, Europe, China, West Africa, Liberia, and India as well.

The source also revealed that the Diasporas Liberian’s assets fact-finding team has some hard evidence of 17-mass graves and have concluded the recording of 25000-live Liberians as potential witnesses in and outside of Liberia in support of the ICC’S mass operations. The dependable team has also revealed that 67-American Congressional representatives both Republicans and Democrats are standing by to enforce all recommended indictments related references that will be issued by the ICC including the implementation of a hard-financial sanction and a huge travel ban that will be imposed on President Weah and his government officials for protecting war criminals in Liberia.

There is growing apprehension among Liberians that if the special court is not established, there could be the proliferation of over 4000 armed robbers in Liberia who will terrorize innocent Liberians, visitors, and businesses at night. The armed robbers would kill other Liberians for their belongings, hijacked banks, and cars on highways, burned down buildings, slight innocent business people throats at night, organize hundreds of drug gangsters in collaboration with other international guns and drug gangsters’ bodies.

The dependable unimpeachable collaborated sources from Diasporas Liberian and their legal, financial and human rights supporting team in the US, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and Canada have disclosed in confidence that ex-rebel fighters 16000 of them in Liberia would trade in dangerous drugs such as cocaine, Heron, and many other killer drugs.

The sources maintained that the 16000 ex-rebel fighters are three times likely to plan dangerous explosives in residential quarters and blow cars with the support of others dangerous armed counterparts and terrorists’ organizations around the world such as the most dangerous and fearful Boko-Haram group of Nigeria, AQEAD, and even the Taliban killing machine of Afghanistan may all succeed to find their way to Liberia to join with the 16000 ex-rebels currently on the loose.

The dependable unimpeachable collaborated sources from Diasporas Liberian and their legal, financial and human rights supporting team in the US, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Canada have disclosed in confidence that Laurent Gbagbo of Cote d’Ivoire and Charles Taylor of Liberia including 33 others war criminals from around the world are either indicted, summoned, tried and put behind bars for crime against humanity in their countries or were they were accused of the crimes committed in neighboring country, especially in the case of Charles Taylor.

The former Chadian President Hissene Habre was sentenced to life imprisonment on May 30, 2016, for a war crime against his own people. What is strange is the fact that Habre was sentenced by a Senegalese Court, when he sorts refuges in Senegal after fleeing Chad when he was dethroned in the late 90s. This is a clear example that Liberian war criminals are not above the abuse of human rights in the then Liberia’s 16-years civil war.

Former President Sirleaf smart maneuvering tactics to shelve the TRC’s reports was not a wise move on her part, that is because, she wasn’t going to remain in power for all the days of her life, therefore, shelving the TRC’s reports was of no use to the former President, because, the 16-years brutal Liberian civil war which according to some unconfirmed sources earmarked the former President as being one of the financiers who sponsored the purchase of tons of dangerous weapons for the purpose of killing innocent Liberians and non-Liberians in cold-blood in Liberian 16-years civil wars.

The indictment of Charles Taylor excluded him from the TRC testimonials, yet Taylor will one day stand trial for the 15000-people killed under his watch 16-years ago. Furthermore, Taylor indictment was politicized, in the sense that he should have been held accountable for the death of over 15000 fellow Liberians during the brutal 16-years civil wars but was jailed for aiding war in Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war.

However, some political pundits believe that no matter the case, Taylor is still liable to stand trial in Liberia when his official jail term ends in The Hague. Though former President Sirleaf did twist her hands by shelving the TRC reports in her favor, doesn’t in anyway exclude her from standing trial and getting her day in court, neither can she hide behind any kinds of presidential immunities and go with impunity in Liberia.

Though the TRC reports did place former President Sirleaf on a list of Liberians who should not have held public office for 30-years in Liberia, the former President quickly manipulated and influenced the Liberia Supreme Court to nullify that segment or provision of the TRC’s reports in her interest. The Liberian Supreme Court’s position to grant former President Sirleaf’s such an immunity has no bearing on the TRC’s reports, because, the Supreme Court of Liberia has no legal jurisdiction to override the mandates of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed on August 18, 2003, in Accra-Ghana.

Furthermore, the Liberian Supreme Court acted completely outside its jurisdiction to have shielded former President Sirleaf to continue her tenure as president of Liberia in the first place. The same Supreme Court of Liberia has one of its own, the Justice Kabineh Ja’neh to also face trial as former rebel spoke person for the notorious Guinean LURD killing rebel group that killed thousands and thousands of innocent Liberians in the 16-years Liberian civil wars.

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