The CPP quarrel is complete mess

The current rigmarole in the four Collaborating Political Parties over who should be or is best suited for standard bearer is nothing but child’s play. No one should take seriously a so-called opposition block that should rather be serious planning and conscientizing its followers and sympathizers for the next elections, now bent on tearing one another apart for leadership.

It is not the prerogative of the CPP Chair to determine who should become flagbearer in the next elections, but the membership or the people at primary. Why now waste precious time on something that is as clear as water in a glass?

Recent comments from Mr. Benoni Urey of ALP that ex-VP Joseph Nyumah Boakai of UP is best suited to become standardbearer for the CPP and reactions from both ANC and LP clearly indicates that something is amiss within the opposition block that needs to be addressed to allow that body puts its acts together as a true government in waiting that the Liberian people can hope on.

The main characters in the CPP – Mr. Benoni Urey, Mr. Alexander Cummings, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai and Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence should begin to act now in ways that would win and maintain the trust of the people they want to lead.

However, utterances coming from member parties of the Collaboration of late, do not portray unity. Instead, we see a creeping sign that could turn the entire opposition into a mess.
And this has been a fundamental problem in Liberian politics: lack of a cohesive opposition force that can pull strength and give the ruling party a run at the ballot box for their money. Parties that make up the CPP individually contested against the CDC in the 2017 presidential election and failed.

They should know by now the best strategic option in the impending 2023 poll is to galvanize forces and present a united front against the Weah government, if they really want to provide alternative leadership.

Whether it is Amb. Boakai, or Mr. Cummings; Mr. Urey or a candidate from the LP, no single party or candidate can contest in an election and win definitively the first round, as the past three elections have shown.

It is based on these realities that we underscore the need that the CPP should remain a unity opposition block with a strong voice, not just in speeches but on the political battle ground to win state power.

This cannot be achieved if there are infighting and jostling for the standard bearer position, which should actually be determined at primary than thru words of war in the media.

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