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The Day His Bed Spoke – Part I

The guy lived in a community somewhere on the globe. He was a very jovial guy, causing him to be loved by all those with whom he interacted. Men and women, young and old, enjoyed being with him. Not only did he make them laugh; he was also gregarious – enjoyed being with people. His name was Gbandey-pogah.

Gbande-pogah came from out one late Friday evening, bringing with him a gorgeous girl. He opened the padlock hanging on his room door and entered, the girl sticking behind him like two wingless bug-a-bug seeking survival.

“You can sit on the bed, Marie,” he warmly told the girl.

She smiled that kinda way, put her bag on the table and sat on the bed, bouncing a few times, as if to say, “Let me test the bed first.”

Before long, the voice came: “Yes, shake me, you stupid woman. Da your time today. You stupid people can just sit or lie any part of me without thinking whether it is the location of my mouth, my ears, my nose, my chest or my eyes. You darn insensitive creatures!”

The voice came coolly and faintly, but it registered its intended impact. The girl jumped from the bed and stood as if something had just pinched her heleva butt suffocating in the pair of jeans trousers on her.

“You’re jumping? You’re just starting. You’re scared like this before you entered this room bravely and sat on me confidently?” continued the voice.

The girl remained standing and looked here and there, trying to figure out the source of the voice, but it was a wild geese chase. She looked under the table and under the bed. She was determined to find out what was happening in that strange manner.

But the voice was not ready to let up: “You’re checking under the bed? You will stay long inside. What brought you in this room? And why did you sit on me as if you were the first person he has ever brought in here? Do you know how many women and girls he has brought into this one room? Look at her stupid self. I feel like juking stick in your eye, stupid woman.”

Although it was impossible to ignore what was happening, the girl, perhaps coping from the understanding that women are the bravest animals on earth, decided to put a brave face to it, behaving as if nothing disturbing was happening.

Gbande-pogah, who was not aware of what was taking place, knocked the girl down on the bed and lay on her romantically. Quickly, he put his tongue into her mouth and reached it at the back of the girl’s throat. It is called French kiss. They rolled here and rolled there on the bed.

The bed hissed like a snake and said: “What do you people want to do on me? Nobody should do any stupid thing on me today-oh. Please get up and stand up a bit. Your total weight is killing me. I can’t even breathe. Wheh kinda business is this so? Da trouble I take? Why can’t you people go on the floor?”

To be continued…

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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