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The Divisive Politics in Bong County

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Even though a house divided is bound to fall, it is also a reality that in unity, there is strength. And united we stand, the more progress we make. The foregoing is in view of the widened hatred, envies, gossips and undermining engulfing Bong County in Central Liberia.

It is an open secret that the people of Bong County are indeed disunited not on issues related to the well-being of the people of Bong, but those that are personal and have no negative effect on the over-all growth and development of the county.

As it has been since the administration of the late James Y. Gbagbea in the mid-sixties, it is again, a few of the senior officials of the county who are at the core of such divisiveness (the Rennie Jackson-Jeremiah Sulonteh Rivalry is just one example of what I am talking about).

Those of us who have followed Bong County politics for awhile, at least for the short time we’ve been on earth, have come to truly realize that the main perpetrators of disunity in our county are, have been and continue to be those  who consider themselves closed to the Liberian Presidency. They capitalize on their connections and other relationships with the President of Liberia to get at others with whom they feel uncomfortable because of personal reasons.

At the moment, it is no secret in Gbarnga and other places in the county  the  ‘back-biting’ among officials is at its peak, and that efforts are being exerted to ensure that the President of Liberia does not retain  the current officials of the county, including Superintendent Lucia Helbert.

At some hatire/intellectual centers, bar and restaurants, as well as night clubs in Gbarnga, discussions are focused on the replacement of these individuals on recommendations from a few influential officials of the county without convincing reasons. The names of their replacements and plans are even discussed by groups loyal to these officials considered “friends of President Sirleaf”.

“We are just waiting; our man supposes to be appointed as Minister of Internal Affairs. He say, he will make sure I become County Inspector,” were the boisterous comments of a supporter of one official as I sat and drank my cup of coffee quietly at a local hatire center on the Ganta Highway just a few yards from the Paulma Guest. Unfortunately, the young man’s dream was never realized.

But what is more important is the unity of Bong County based on general interest and not personal aggrandizement.

It is complete disservice to the people of Bong County when these very officials pretend to be preaching national reconciliation and renewal in Monrovia, while at the same time instigating conflicts among the people of the county. Comments from our minds/mouths must be on the basis of sincerity and openness if we must all move forward to realize our goals.

To ensure that the mistakes  made in the past in the appointment of officials of government, as admitted during her recent dinner with Liberian journalists at the Monrovia City Hall, President Sirleaf must exercise due diligence in effecting recommendations for the replacement and appointment of county officials from ministers and other officials closed to her from our county (Bong).

Despite the inflicted impressions that may precede, accompany or follow these recommendations, the President must exercise care because these ministers and officials may just be promoting personal interests, while at the sometime, undermining her, her administration and the ruling Unity Party in Bong County as evidenced by the discouraging and devastating results of the just-ended elections in District Number 5 and most parts of District Number 6.

While President Sirleaf may now be familiar to some extent with Bong County, she must subdue or discourage inflicted impressions intended for personal gains other than county or national interest.

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