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‘Family Palaver’: Case of Rep. Snowe’s Recent Regret

The peculiarity of Liberian politics may continue to keep the country economically and politically stagnant, owing to the political behavior of those considered key actors of the process. From the Tubman Era (about which atheist I’m partly knowledgeable) to present, Liberian politics is always characterized by sentiments, patronage, tricks and cash violence directed at promoting and seeking self-interest, instead of patriotism/nationalism.

It is no secret that in recent times political actions by those regarded as ‘champions of democracy’ and examples of change are tailored around pursuing/achieving personal objectives and goals to the disadvantage of the people who once cherished the ideals and causes for which these individuals stood in Liberia.

The ‘pindelemic’ trends of their political behavior may now be discouraging close to seventy-five percent of their supporters and admirers. Lured by the above, one may bring into focus the ongoing debate on the recent ‘backward move’ taken by Montserrado County District Number Six Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe, a politician many had admired over the years until recent Liberian political history.

On Tuesday, November 27, 2012, at the Liberia Broadcasting System where an induction of the system’s workers’ association leadership, Representative Snowe chose to retract all of his derogative and negative public utterances against the President of Liberia, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the Chairman of Board of Directors of the National Oil Company of Liberia, NOCAL, Mr. Robert Sirleaf, following his return from his first trip abroad after the travel ban on him.

According to Snowe, the ‘family palaver (just as he quoted President Sirleaf as saying) which ensued between the House of Representatives and Executive a few weeks ago, was based on “lies and gossips” , noting that people engaged in such because they them “dig into their pockets”.

Snowe’s reconciliatory tone from all indications was another way of extending an open apology to Madam President and her for his wreckless and arrogant political immaturity exhibited against the President only because, according to him, he left “left under the palaver hut’ at the President’s residence.

If anyone should believe and make a keen analysis of what the Montserrado County District Number Six Representative said at the LBS last Tuesday, then, of course, the very Edwin Melvin Snowe is indeed one of those of facilitate and spread lies and gossips.

“Very hot and excited” from abroad, it was the very Edwin Melvin Snowe who prepared and read his own press statement, which public disclosed the passport numbers and other private documents detailing Mr. Robert Sirleaf’s activities in Liberia and abroad on behalf of NOCAL. Is Snowe now telling Liberians and his constituents that documents he claimed to have been Robert Sirleaf’s were all lies?

Even though Mr. Snowe is noted always for ‘somersaulting’ on public utterances or claims against high profile individuals, he must not be allowed to go free for denigrating the President of Liberia.

Unfortunately, Representative Snowe continues to harbor the belief that because ‘politics is dynamic’, so must he behave the way he is, in terms of raising false alarms and loosely denigrating the decency of the Liberian Presidency.

People who still remember the political nature of Liberia’s foremost progressive, the late Gabriel Baccus Matthews must inform this young man that the dynamism of politics is characterized by the highest degree of facts, calculation and maturity to disallow one’s opponent to hit back in any manner and form-that was the late Gabriel Baccus Matthews.

Again, because the young man is ‘rushing too much with life because he feels too obsessed with his cash’, that why he will always continue to stump his toes shamelessly.

In the mind of any reasonable being on earth, if Snowe had just known before what he recently said at the LBS, he would have done himself true justice by not allowing himself to be carried away by sentiments and personal ego to insult the president.

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