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The Gay and the Preacher Dialogue – Part I

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The sun dimmed its light, and dark clouds took over for a moment. It was not clear whether it was a sign of wonders on earth or in heaven. It drizzled for a while, and the clouds disappeared. The sun re-emerged and showed its power, pitying not even the inhabitants of the Sahara.

Beads of sweat arrested bodies of those doing physical work on the surface of the earth, with some virtually running away and submerging themselves into nearby rivers. Those lacking rivers sought shelter under the shades of leafy trees.

In a town called hypocriticity, two men – a gay and a preacher – found themselves under a gigantic breadnut tree for the same reason – to escape the heat of the scourging sun. It was during that moment that a dialogue that said a lot about the people of Hypocriticity occurred. It started with simple, normal exchanges that metamorphosed into a heated dialogue about morality.

Pastor: It is unbelievable that people would knowingly choose to practice abominable acts. Homosexuality is abominable. God will crush homosexuals in Hell.

Gay: Yes, it’s unbelievable that most pastors enjoy have sex with the young girls in their churches and in their communities, while standing on the pulpit Sunday mornings to preach about godly living. For their abomination, their souls will feel the heat more than the souls of other people.

Pastor: Yes, but God’s grace is there. When I am weak, the Lord is strong. When I am helpless, He is helpful. His grace is there. His mercy is there.

Gay: Oh, so His grace is not there for the gay? When it comes to the gay, His mercy is on vacation? Interesting! How I wish people knew that when the gay is weak, the good Lord is strong. When the gay is helpless, the gracious God of the universe is helpful.

Pastor: Not when you knowingly choose to do something that is abominable. Abomination is abomination. No wheeling and dealing about it.

Gay: You are having sex with the young girls in your church? Is that not abomination? You always steal the church’s funds and use them as if they were your personal money. You and your family enrich yourselves from the money of the church, while the have-nots in the church remain in their indigent condition. Is that not abomination? You send false reports to your sponsoring congregations in the States and other places, deceiving the people in every way possible so that they can keep sending you money and other resources. Is that not abomination? You went to a medicine man to help your church prosper. Is that not abomination?

You are having secret sexual relationships with four of the adult women in your church. Is that not abomination? You lie about many things every time. Is a lying tongue not an abomination to God? Will God not crush you in Hell, too? Will your hell fire not be hotter than that of others?

Pastor: You want to go personal?
Gay: No, I am not going personal. I am going Biblical and realistic.

To be continued …
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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