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The House’s Saga and Threat to Prevent the State of the Nation Address

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Since the return of its members, the House of Representatives continues to be rocked by mischief-making, deceit and disorderliness, perpetrated by a hand-full of its members led by Representative Edwin Snowe of District Number of Montserrado County.

Among other members involved in executing the current uproar in the chambers of the House and the media are the former Chairman of the Committee on Ways, Means, Finance and the Budget, Emmanuel Nuquay of Margibi County, former Chairman on Foreign Relations, Henry Fahnbulleh, as well as George Mulbah of Bong County.

The argument being advanced and pursued by these Representatives against Speaker Alex Tyler is his link to the investigation being conducted by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, LACC. The Commission had, since September 2014, linked him to a US$25, 0000.00 scam in which he, attempted allegedly defrauding government, when such amount had already been paid for legal services to last year’s nation-wide oil consultations rendered by a Liberian Lawyer. According to Representative Snowe and his likes, the action of Speaker Tyler exposes the entire House of Representatives to ‘public scrutiny’, and that the Speaker must not preside over sessions anymore until he’s vindicated by the LACC.

Unfortunately, many in the public may seem to be threading on the path of ignorance and sentiments without understanding the primary intent/motive and nature of Snowe and others, thereby jumping into conclusion.

Any rational personal may wonder as to why now would Edwin Snowe and a few members of the House of Representatives choose to “go to war”  against Speaker Tyler when this particular issue was raised against him since September 2014?  What ability they have now that they did not have in September when the LACC publicly announced the involvement of Tyler in the scam? Even when the Speaker admitted to the allegation under the guise of seeking reimbursement following the pronouncement by the LACC, wasn’t such confirmation enough for Edwin Snowe and his renegade colleagues to initiate the action that they are pursuing now? Who are the characters involved in the crisis? What have been their relationships with the Speaker for the past nine years? These are questions to which “hosts and callers” of radio phone-in programs must ask themselves before even going public to discuss the unfortunate situation at the Capitol.

While Speaker Tyler’s action may be something not befitting of the respect, honor, prestige and benignity that characterize the nature of the Office of the Speaker and entire House of Representatives, Representative Snowe and other ring leaders of the rebellion on Capitol Hill do not even have an inch of the moral rectitude for the stance being taken now. It is no secret that attempts by Tyler to institute a reshuffle in the leadership of the House of Representatives ( as has already been done) got Snow and a very few others very angry and frustrated to result to such pre-emptive action that has now desecrated the image of the entire House. Since the public is already in the know of the negative/bad attributes of Snow (as the ring leader), it is important that the Speaker and other members of the House provide documentary information on these guys on their activities on Capitol for clearer public understanding of their nature.

As a mark of total disregard for the Constitution of Liberia, the guys have even threatened to prevent President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s delivery of her State of the Nation Address schedule for next Monday- the Fourth working Monday of January- that’s complete bullshit. Who is little know Samuel Coakar from nowhere to allow himself to be used by Edwin Snowe to issue such threat? Anyway, let them try it.., other Liberians who they represent may also not allow them to prevent the President’s Address because it is also in their interest that she talk to them.

Let it be emphatically made know here that this article does not suggest any support for Speaker Tyler, in any manner and form, regarding the LACC investigation, but the action of Snowe to further degrade the already declining respect for Members of the House of Representatives at this time, when they should have done so since September 2014. This is the mischief-the deceit, the disorderliness and wicked against the Liberian people by these guys that is being discussed. The decision by Snowe and others in the House, including the very Speaker Alex Tyler to represent their own, as well as make laws for personal reasons and even follow the little that is budgeted for the counties under the guise of oversight over the years has got Liberians so frustrated and poverty-stricken so much so that respect for them continue to erode, while interest in elections continue to diminish (as evident by the December 20, 2014 Special Senatorial election).

As all of us follow this matter on Capitol Hill, we must begin to rationalize the issue not focusing on the wrong of Alex Tyler-the Speaker, but the attributes and primary intent/motive of the characters calling for the Speaker to step aside from presiding over sessions until he’s vindicated by the LACC. And when answer the questions asked earlier in this article before going public, we would have been able to rationalize the matter to our own understanding and that of the rest of the people.

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