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The House’s Demand for Evidence

Public sentiments against Representative Edwin Snowe for hosting a nude party on December 29, 2011 at his residence on the Robertsfield high way in Paynesville continue to grow high. Despite Snowe’s persistent denial, backed by huge cash deliveries to sweep the matter under the rug, some Liberians continue to remain resolved in perusing the matter.

Interestingly, groups such as the Liberia Women Initiatives, Women in Peace-building Network and Ministry of gender under Varbah Gatflor as Minister which normally rise up  to violence against  women and desecration of Liberian womanhood continue to be very mute only because it’s “an Edwin Snowe”  and not “a George Dweh, Hans Williams, Willis Knuckles or Simeon Freeman”.

Anyway, such is the time, such is the condition. Thanks to the Almighty who continues to watch all of our deeds and give some of us the opportunity to never despair, but persevere. Among us is the Coalition of Civil Society groups, which remains unbending about the immoral behavior of Representative Snowe and his cohorts on December 29, 2011 during a “bachelor’s night-turned Nude party” at his house.

Just a few days ago, the Committee on Claims and Petition of the House of Representatives, through its Chairman Moses Tandapolee demanded evidence from the Civil Society Organizations in the ongoing hearings into a petition filed against the Montserrado County Representative.

Upon listening to the Honorable Moses Tandapolee who many of us hold in high esteem for his steadfastness in “standing his ground” on issues during debates in the House’s Plenary, many began wondering as to why he and his committee would choose to make such demand when the civil society organizations had already listed a number of names in their petition as witnesses.

Since these named individuals are alive, well and present in the country, what was wrong with inviting them to appear before the Committee on Claims and Petitions? What is actually the fear of Tandapolee and his Committee that they would choose to ignore the appearances of the witnesses?

Again, the treachery being infused into this hearing is quite understandable, knowing Snowe as a person who uses his money to do anything, including diluting and over-turning what goes against him. Perhaps, probably or maybe (to exercise care) he is using his cash influence to avert the whole investigation, or as well, using his influence as a member of the House.

But one thing Representative Tandapolee and his likes must remember is that God is watching every minute of their hearing/proceedings, as well as all attempts to play politics with the facts or bury the truth-“God will sure beat them”.

While some would want to let go this matter for God’s judgment, many people, especially the silent majority still harbor the belief that the matter must be pursue to a logical conclusion just as was done the cases of  former House Speaker George Dweh, Hon. Hans Williams, Mr. Simeon Freeman and Hon. Willis D. Knuckles. And if it could happen to each of these honorable men, how honorable is Edwin Snowe not to face similar justice.

What evidence do these honorable Committee members want when instructions were given by the very Snowe to his security to ensure that no one entered with camera or recorder? Aren’t Tandapolee and his colleagues aware of the fact that the nude party was knowingly planned and executed by Snowe, owing to the fact that he (Snowe) influenced the transfer of Journalist Patrick Honnah’s bechelor’s night from the Old Folks Entertainment Center on the Airfied Road in Sinkor to his house on the Robertsfield high way in Paynesville?

Interestingly, Snowe is a Father-of-the-Year of Liberia’s most prestigious Providence Baptist Church-an honor bestowed on a dedicated servant of God whose long-term services and contributions to the church’s growth and development are immense. It is usually given to elderly people, but again……we are in contemporary Christendom.

Quite realistically, the primary mistake Mr.        

Snowe made was to delay admission only to deny later under pressure when the facts were very clear; and he continues to do that only because he feels by admitting would send his 2917 Presidential ambition into oblivion-that’s his fear. But such repentance would have afforded him God’s forgiveness and prepared him for such presidential dream.

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