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The Need for the Government to Revisit Its Current Method of Vehicle Registration, Third-party Insurance

The Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Transport and Liberia National Police, is currently executing an inspection of all vehicles across the country. The inspection seeks to determine whether or not vehicles are registered and insured for the year 2016 under the laws of Liberia.

While the intention of the inspection exercise may be good, especially when it is directed at generating revenues for the government, its effect on free movement is also embarrassing and frustrating.

For instant, the ongoing inspection in Congo Town, which begins at 6:00 in the morning, creates un-necessary vehicular traffic congestion from the Health Ministry to the new Defiance Ministry Complex opposite the ‘540 Community’.

Many government and NGO workers, as well as those in the private sector spend hours in the traffic between the Health Ministry and the inspection site and by the time they go through, they are either late or almost late for work.

We are of the belief that while the inspection for vehicle registration and Third-party Insurance is worth wide, the exercise must be executed void of embarrassment to well-meaning vehicle owners. If the main method of inspecting vehicles is creating problem for the free movement of vehicles, a ‘plan B’ strategy must go into effect.

Moreover, we think the ongoing method of inspection is too archaic in such modernity.

One effective and efficient way about this exercise is through companies in the business of vehicle dealership. The government must constructively engage these companies so as to have the costs of registration and Third-party Insurance imbedded in the cost of the vehicles during sales, following which such shall be subtracted and placed in government revenues.

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The government could also ensure the application of this scheme to a third-party vehicle sale just as it is unique to other countries of the West African sub-region, including Guinea and Toogo.

We are of the fervent belief that when such strategy is employed for vehicle registration and Third-party Insurance, it would even save the Government of Liberia from the heavy losses sustained annually from vehicle registration and Third-party Insurance and not only preventing the embarrassment and frustration caused by the annual vehicular inspection exercise.


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