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The Negative Campaign Against the Sande Society in Liberia

It is no joke that the white man’s efforts to completely destroy our culture continue to be unending. For more than six years, they continue to use their cash to motivate a few of our own Liberians to demonize their own culture publicly. A few others have also seen this as a spring board to go abroad on asylum.

And without any national remorse, these undesirable Liberians have become torn in our flesh and those of our traditional leaders.  The excitement which characterizes their damming utterances against our traditional societies is in total desperation of the American dollars.

Without understanding the moral on which they currently stand, these individuals, of late, have brought the Sande society of Liberia to public ridicule and demonization. Remember these are the same individuals who have accepted the white man’s lies and deceit that HIV/AIDS originate from Africa, when infect, it was the same white man’s immorality that resulted to the development and spread of HIV/AIDS in poverty-stricken African.

A few other influential women  in Monrovia who are also members of the Sande society have allowed themselves to join  the band-wagon to ensure the will of the white man to complete wipe out the Sande society because the white man from America continue tio give them money to do.

The recent action and negative utterances against the Sande society by Montserrado County Superintendent Grace Kpan during the visit of the Security Council delegation are just indicative of how a few people betray others for selfishness.

Up to this point, it is still difficult to understand why Superintendent Kpan would choose to negatively expose and desecrate our traditional values before the white man? What was her actual motive? Did the white man request to see our Sande society? Did they promise her funding for projects focused on the Sande society?

Grace and her likes must be made to understand that every race on the face of the earth has culture and tradition with a set of objectives aimed at bettering the lives of all who are part of that race. Like the Poro, Bodeo and other traditional societies in Liberia, the Sande is a very unique traditional society which focuses on instilling values in young women. Some of these values include discipline, becoming a good and productive/progressive wife and mother, peace-making in the community,, as well as being hospitable, among several others.,

But because Grace Kpan and a few others have allowed themselves to be lured into negatively perceiving the Sande society for little or nothing, from the white man of America,, that’s why they continue to demonize the Sande society as an organization whose only focus is “female genitor mutilation”. Of course, this destructive message they continue to spread all over the place.

Mind you, the white man has never told them anything negative about traditional and cultural practices; the white man from the north has neither even told Grace Kpan and her likes that homosexuality (gay and lesbianism) was bad, All that the white man continues to do is to turn them against their own culture, making them to feel very, very comfortable his own way-gay and lesbianism because financial aide will be dependent on legalizing homosexuality.

The irony about the foregoing is Aunty Grace and others have deliberately refused to condemn such desecrated, demonic and dehumanizing culture of the white man, but chosen to bad-mouth such a decent and human development-oriented culture of theirs.

If any culture or tradition should be condemned, demonized or out cast, it must be Gay and lesbianism ‘exported’ to our Liberian society  from the white man’s home-this is what  Aunty Grace and others must be vehemently condemning and resisting.

I really don’t mean any harm or to show any indifference to the Montserrado County Superintendent and others associated with outlasting our culture, but to disapprove the negative path on which they are now thriving in favor of the white man. I do believe that if anything should be said about the Sande society in Liberia, it should probably be modernization of its practices. But I beg to differ with all who condemn and demonize just as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Representative Moses Kollie of Lofa County have done. And I must commend them for such move and urge other well-meaning Liberians to always stand up for the protection and preservation of our cultural heritage.

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