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The People’s Unification Party and Its Recent Gbarnga Gathering

On Saturday, September 5, 2015, Gbarnga City in Central Liberia hosted a gathering of Liberian politicians, including Legislators, under the banner of the newly formed People’s Unification Party.

The actual brain behind the party is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, J. Alex Tyler, whose presidential ambition may have mobilized some of his Legislative colleagues, including Representatives Edwin Snowe, Emmanuel Nuquoi, George Mulbah, as well as J. Togba Mulbah, among others  for the formation of the PUP.

But greed for power and money, back-biting and other vices may have been attributing factors occasioning the friction which drew a wedge between Speaker Tyler and colleagues. By the way, Tyler now has his own political party, while Nuquoi and others remained with the PUP.

And so, the politicians had accordingly gone to Gbarnga under the guise of presenting the People’s Unification Party or PUP to the people of Bong County ahead of the 2017 political season in Liberia.

Even though the right of the politicians to gather in Gbarnga must be welcomed under our laws, their intention must just be a complete joke, considering the negative political attributes of the faces seen behind the PUP.

It would further be the saddest mistake for any acceptable and desirable politically grounded individual to really take the faces behind the People’s Unification Party. Doing business with people who have miserably failed to execute the duties and functions assigned them at all levels  as representatives of the people will be a  very risky venture, and for anyone to succeed toward such direction may absolutely been difficult.

Not only that they are miserable flunkies in the Legislature that has created the credibility problem for them, the highest degree of tribalism and sectionalism characterizing their undertaking make it even more difficult to attract the mass support being soliciting by the progenitors of this new political party – made up of a group breakaway members of the Congress for Democratic Change, National Patriotic Party, New Deal Movement/NDC, as well as Unity Party, among others.

For one reason or the other not compatible with decent party politics, Nuquoi, the Mulbah and all may have chosen the PUP route – not really to produce a President of Liberia from Bong or Margibi County, but to support  one of the wealthiest candidates for financial gains and appointed positions before and after the 2017 General and Presidential elections – trust me,  that’s the  whole show, and that’s why other wealthy politicians must be careful as they interact with the PUP.

The mere fact that these politicians may be thriving on the path of tribalism and sectionalism towards the 2017 elections, it is even scaring that others would want to choose similar routes. And this is something, Liberia doesn’t deserve.

The suggestion here is to neither demonize nor cast any negative expressions on them, regarding their political desire, but the manner and form these politicians have conducted themselves over the years against the people they claim to represent are a clear manifestation  of the politically dangerous situation in which they want to plunge the people of Bong and Margibi Counties.

In as much as we know them fully well, the people of Bong and Margibi Counties must continue to observe and watch the faces behind the People Unification Party before making any political decision.. And for God sake, this is not intended to denigrate the faces behind the PUP in any way.

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