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The Power Of Appreciation

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Nothing encourages more than kind words and appreciation for a job well done or effort made in fulfilling a task. No matter how good or loyal your followers are they will someday become discouraged if they don’t feel appreciated. No matter what you think everybody loves to be appreciated. The power of appreciation cannot be underestimated in leadership, family, and government or even in the corporate world. Not appreciating people can hinder selfless commitment to vision and services which on the long run can limit your achievement as a leader.

All through history, grate leaders are those who have mastered the art of appreciating little efforts and commitment of their followers while encouraging them to do more. Chastising, correcting or disciplining followers may be unavoidable some times because of goals that must be accomplished within a stipulated time, but it becomes a tragedy of leadership when all effort is channeled to chastising or “harking,” like some would put it all the time. As a disciplined leader I understand the place of corrections, yet correction alone without conscious effort of appreciating your followers may cause a great division that could hinder organizational progress.

Many leaders have abused the opportunity of leadership, authority and trust of their followers in the so called harking policy that their followers become hardened and detached from their leadership.  As a leader understand that you begin to fail when your followers can no longer confined in you, because of your strict approach that tends to intimidate others. Why complain when they do wrong but refuse appreciate when they do the right thing?

No leader has been called to succeed alone. No matter how strong and intelligent you are as a leader you need people to be able to succeed in fulfilling your vision and mission. Therefore, understanding leadership is acknowledging the power of appreciation.

Nothing is more powerful in motivating others than appreciation. In fact any habit you encourage by appreciation multiplies and gets better in accomplishing more. The leader in you will only attract more loyalty and followership when you learn to appreciate people.  I discovered that appreciating people makes you win their love and respect. Appreciating people makes people attracted to your leadership and encourages them to go the extra mile in helping to fulfill your vision.

Furthermore, appreciating people makes them feel secured in your vision. If you truly determine to succeed in your leadership you must value “we, our, and us” more than “me, myself and I.” Using “We, our and us” shows selflessness, liberality, and appreciation of partnership. While “me, myself and I” reveals the selfish motives and cunning intentions of leadership.

Many homes are broken today and many relationships are suffering because of lack of appreciation. Sometimes the difference between where you are and where you are going to is as simple as “thank you, that was good and I appreciate you!” This is what makes the difference in leadership, and this might just be what will determine success or failure in your life, career or marriage.

The day you truly practice this principle in leadership you will begin to see a remarkable difference in the way people respond to you. You will also notice that people will be naturally willing to follow you as a leader without forcing or manipulating them.

This is one of the most powerful principles of leadership we all must pay attention to if we truly determine to make a difference in our world. Even babies understand the power of appreciation. A baby may not be able to talk but a simple smile will be reciprocated by a baby instantaneously.

Unfortunately, many leaders think appreciation or being friendly with their followers makes people disrespect them. This I believe is far from the true reality of leadership. No sane person disrespects someone who sincerely appreciates their efforts and contributions. In fact, it should be an encouraging factor that inspires you to achieve more and be more focused in discharging your responsibilities.

No matter the mistakes you might I made, this is an opportunity to make things right and begin again but this time with a keen determination to make things right and become a leader who understands the power of appreciation.

Follower’s value, respect, honors and are loyal to leaders with a selfless mind that appreciate others. We will truly make a difference and appreciate others when we that understand that everybody’s opinion is valuable, regardless of position. We are all equal in the sight of our maker, the rich needs the poor, the weak needs the strong, the foolish needs the wise, the sick needs the healed and vice versa.

Nobody is truly superior to others, regardless of positions and financial status. Thus, success in leadership is established when you begin to value and appreciate others and now is the best time to begin.

(Ezekiel Moses is a Writer, Consultant, Creative Artist, Broadcaster and Blogger. He is a sought after motivational speaker who has impacted many people, young and old over the years. He is a Branding, Marketing and Adverts specialist and Best Seller Author. For further enquires please call: 231 7755 97336, E-mail:

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