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The Power of Gender Equality

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Okay, I agree that gender equality is a wonderful thing. I agree that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. God did not make this world only for men; He made it for both men and women.

However, men like to behave as if the whole universe were all about him. They want to be the leaders and dominant group in politics, government, religion, business, science and technology, and every other aspect of life.

That’s why I am glad that the world has been given a new reality – that women will also play a leading role in the things that affect their societies – countries, cities, towns, communities, etc. – whether men like it or not

Women should not only be empowered, their indispensable worth or contribution in advancing development and progress, as well as in reducing hardship and conflict, must be recognized and utilized.

The promotion of gender equality is helping to transform society for the better in many ways. And, being a father of three beautiful girls, I want the campaign to continue because I want for my girls to make life in a world free of barriers of stereotypes and prejudices that will present all kinds of hurdles before them, thereby, incapacitating them to contribute to society meaningfully.

In Liberia, the campaign is even more momentous, I would say. Women are found in important leadership positions, including the presidency. This is great. That’s the power of gender equality.

Besides, the promotion of gender equality is creating competition between men and women in every aspect of life. Right now, it is difficult to tell whether men are more corrupt than women, or women are more than men. In some reports, it is clear that women lead the corruption competition. Men can no longer feel or believe that they alone can chop development funds. Men can no longer feel or believe that they alone can steal gas slips. Thank God for gender equality.

Also, women are now bravely approaching men. No too much shame face any more. It used to be a taboo long ago. Men used to be the dry-face guys and lover boys. It is different now. Some girls can just walk to a guy and say, “You really look cute. I really like you.” Thank God for gender equality.

Even in the area of promiscuity, the completion is high. In fact, in many instances, some girls have more boyfriends than some boys have, and the girls say it openly. You see the power of gender equality?

Before, men used to be the rude guys. Now, more and more girls are getting ruder and more aggressive than boys. They cuss in the community, in the streets, etc., without paying attention to the old-fashion saying, “You are a woman. Don’t cuss like that.” I like gender equality. Men will no longer feel that they eat rudeness or aggressiveness like kanyan. Women eat them like kanyan, too.

Even when it comes to the use of drugs, women are showing that gender equality is the way forward. They and men can take it fifty-fifty. In some instances, the men can’t make it with the women in the business. You see what gender equality can do? It can make women tell men that they are not the only ones good at taking drugs.

The same is true with other criminal activities, say, armed robbery. When the police raid some areas for drugs or armed robbery, some women are usually among the arrestees. Women are recognizing their ability to do many things, and they are taking nothing for granted. Thank God for gender equality.

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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