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The Recent GAC Audit report and Its Interpretation

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The General Auditing Commission, GAC, has for the past one week, been under the spotlight since the submission of an audit report by the Auditor General of Kenya, Edward Ouko, to the National Legislature on April 27, 2016.

Whether or not it is all for the wrong reason that the GAC has been under the spotlight, it is just too hasty to make any categorization, though people have the right to know and to discuss, especially so when there are misunderstanding about the recent audit report on our Supreme Audit Institution. Condemnations, denigration, negative perceptions, and what have you continue to characterize the recent presentation by the Kenyan Auditor General, especially by a few talk show hosts and reporters, as well as print media practitioners only, perhaps, it is the GAC – because it is anti-graft institution that has been auditing other government institutions since 2006 and finding them “liable” for waste and abuse of public resources.

Also broadcasting and printing the recent GAC audit report under the guise of professional journalism, one can observe the sentiments and animosities to which the current GAC administration is subjected. Just from the presentation of Auditor General Uoko of the Kenta National Audit Office- one of the most experienced Supreme Audit Institutions in Africa and not details of the report, as well as the essence of the audit, public sentiments perpetrated by a few media practitioners continue to be damming of the GAC – a situation which further exposes the gullibility of the Liberian society.

One think that we must all consider is why the GAC audit and what does it hope to achieve? Or why has the GAC thought now to conduct such audit for six years – the first of its kind since the inception of the Commission?

Though a few of the issues being raised by a very few media practitioners may be genuine, especially as they relate to the issues of whether or not the report is the final; and contacts and inputs of those involved during the periods covered by the audit, dealing with the what the GAC audit entails and its essence, as well as the GAC administration hopes to achieves remain completely out of place.

For proper understanding, knowing the kind of foolish society we live in, these issues should have first taken precedence, while the others as being raised by a few media practitioners follow, so that an informed conclusion can be reached.

But to jump into conclusion to negatively categorize the current administration of the GAC without first understanding why the GAC audit and its objectives is an unfair judgment of the commission and its leadership.
In as much as these hasty categorization of the GAC administration is being questioned, there is an urgent need for clarity as to the status of the report submitted to the National Legislature – whether or not it is the final, for better public understanding, followed by detailed explanation from the commission as to why the audit of the GAC at this time, its essence, as well as what it hopes to achieve, among others.


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