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The Senator Who Will Never Change

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Following Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor activities in Liberia, especially of recent years, it has come to my understanding after very recent act by her that she will never change.  Madam former first lady wants everything to herself , if not the case , she wants to produce every leader, and if not the situation, the former first lady will haunt you. 

Cross examining the lady who belongs to two different counties- Lofa and Bong as she says, I have found it difficult to see any loyalty in her towards the Liberian people, especially the Charles Taylor National Patriotic Party that has continuously helped her to remain relevant.

In 2005,  the current senator won election in Bong county because of Charles Taylor NPP- the name is a huge brand in that part of Liberia and will always be until we decide to change it. After serving as first lady for six years, the Liberian people give the lady 9 years in the

senate, just minutes after she was elected on that name brand, madam Jewel Howard-Taylor connived to hunt her husband who made her who she is today.

She disclosed a Swiss account I understand was owned by her son Phillip Taylor to the government in the name of bridging the gap.

According to information, she was getting back at Charles but failed to realize that she was hurting herself,  that led to huge trouble between her, her son Phillip and Sando Johnson, who is spokesperson for the Taylor’s family.

When all didn’t go well as planned, madam Taylor and madam President begin words of words in newspapers exposing themselves of who is vindictive and who is wicked. They both became laughing stalk, but it subsided as we Liberians are quick to forget.

Minutes again, jewel felt seriously sick while on the UN ban but was disallowed to step-out of Liberia boundaries for further treatment, even as sitting senator, by then we have started leading the lifting of the UN Ban on prominent Liberians of which she was a part but the international community made us understand that only the sitting president can recommend that the ban gets lifted though we have the rights to argue.

Now it was the President who showed her that she was in charge but after severe pressure, madam president allowed her to get treatment abroad.

Jewel returned well and normal but extended no thank you to the Liberian people for pushing madam president to see reason to recommend her waiver to medical treatment abroad, maybe she thought because she was powerful that is why she was allowed.

The power seeking woman went to the polls for the pro tem position against a very weak Findley, I supported and campaign for her because her opponent was doing nothing fitting to worth my political knowledge so I give her a try but she loss to him,  but this time NPP supported her in full again except that we heard Sando Johnson got back at her because of her action against his godfather thus making her to lose at one vote. She almost committed suicide. She has always enjoyed the confidence of Charles Taylor NPP. Before the Senate pro tem defeat to Findley, madam Taylor did two quick things, she dumped Dew Mayson in the merger of the NDC with NPP and dumped the CDC merger with NPP when everyone considered that the elections was marred with fraud, even the NPP former Chief scribe Cyril

Allen lash at her for doing so.

Madam Jewel Howard Taylor will never change. please don’t feel sorry for her because she is a lady, she will pretend to be cool with you but a huge traitor she is.

Let me conclude so I cannot tell you all about this lady who never appreciates her makers.

When we all canvassed to the international community thus pushing Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to recommend she and others to be lifted from the UN Ban that had no real meaning, the lady never look back to tell the wonderful Liberian people thank you for such liberation, that is being an ingrate.

Very lastly, which not more than three days ago, Jews Howard again fought her other maker the Charles Taylor NPP by accepting to support Sen. Nagbe of the APD against a Senator of NPP Armah

Jallah who still won the senate pro tem seat, this too is more than being a deceitful person and never appreciating your own. but again she always have reasons best known to herself. Don’t trust her because she will never change. Unedited article written on February 13, 2015  by Civicus

Barsi-Giah of the United States and former NPP stalwart .

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