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The Weah-led Government has LIED again about ELWA–RIA Road

Before you can even begin to read, I plead with you to just click this link (https://vimeo.com/128848315) and watch this very interesting video for 4 minutes 31 seconds. An IT colleague from USA sent me this short demo last night. The ICT age has made it so easier to detect or discover outright lies in this 21st Century. Technology has made it possible for us to filter falsehood from fact.

Yesterday, the Government of Liberia willfully chose to mislead our people with a few well-designed graphics depicting a 4-lane road from ELWA Junction to RIA. In as much we are still around, no lie will go unnoticed. Our writing series “Under The Sycamore Tree” will continue to fact-check every falsehood.

MICAT through LINA and the Presidential Press Office have been running with this lie and spreading it like wildfire. As usual, the Special Aide SekouKalascoDamaro was so fast to leapfrog this monstrous lie. A number of social media followers have been victimized by this subterfuge.

KalascoDamaro wrote on his Facebook page, “ELWA to RIA Road Modernization Project. Thanks to President Weah and his team.”

A few minutes after his post, dozens of high-ranking public officials, including pro-regime apologists and pro-Weah zealots, began to share these fake images/pictorials on social media. They overwhelmingly praised Pres. George M. Weah for initiating this “modernization project” which is an outright lie.

The truth can never lie:

The images being widely displayed on social media depicting a “modernization project” of a 4-lane ELWA–RIA Road under Pres. George Weah are fake images. They are screenshots from a Demo Video produced and released in 2015. This is the link to the Video: https://vimeo.com/128848315. Please open it and see for yourself.

Facts about this Video:

1) The timeframe of this short video is 4 minutes 31 seconds.
2) The title of this video is “Liberia Master RIA Road Project”.
3) The video is from INTRES Advisory and was released 4 years ago to demonstrate the sample or design of the 45km ELWA–RIA Road which was initiated by former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Must the CDC-led Government lie about just everything? This dishonorable act is not only demeaning but it reflects desperation and distrust. The regime has been caught ‘pants down’ lying without any regard for probity and public trust. Why aren’t they telling our people the real story? Parking a few used dump trucks in the name of East International is fully ready to begin this project is a diversionary tactic from the prevailing paralyses (Gas shortage, unemployment crisis, high inflation, hike in tuition, zero growth, and the hike in the price of rice).

Shamefully, LINA has already run a news story titled “Liberian Gov’t Breaks Ground for 4-Lane RIA Highway…” In an effort to spread this lie and/or propaganda, MICAT has paid some local news outlets to publish this story. How many times will Pres. Weah break ground for this one road? In March 2019, he broke ground for this very same project (Link: https://afroinsider.com/weah-breaks-ground/). Isn’t this despicable? This lie is so horrible and stomach-aching. The regime has no ounce of fear to LIE.

No government succeeds by leeching on lies and feeding on deception. Propaganda simply intended for mere publicity stunt is short-lived. Honesty builds firm public trust and breeds genuine national development. The CDC-led government has LIED again. PLEASE watch this demo via this video again: (https://vimeo.com/128848315).

The Real Story about this ELWA–RIA Road:

The real story of this 4-lane ELWA-RIA Road is that the Sirleaf-led administration broke ground for this project in January 2015. Early works began with the layout and the securing of the right of way after receiving a US$5.6m Grant under the he Japanese Monetization Program or Counterpart Value Fund (Link: http://mpw.gov.lr/2press.php?news_id=27&related=7&pg=sp). The one (1) lane there now was even paved.

The total cost of this 45km 4-lane road project is around US$101m. Additional funding commitment to rehabilitate and pave phase 1 of this project was lobbied and negotiated for by EJS. Her administration secured funding commitment from Japan, World Bank, IDA, etc. to implement this project.

The CDC-led government is not telling us where it has sourced or will source funding from to implement this US$101m project. Does CDC have this whopping amount to spend or has any funding commitment been made to invest on a single road like this 4-lane project? This LIE about “RIA Road Modernization” is too visible and they need to STOP. Graphics and demos only intended to woo citizens do not develop a country. Vision and action do.

Do they have any reason to lie about almost everything in order to falsely impress and gain political capital? Enough of this gimmick! The Liberian people have had enough after more than 2 years. There is power in honesty. When I wrote yesterday that this project is Ellen’s making, some CDCians and pro-CDC enthusiasts took me to task. The truth has now vindicated me. Where are they? Where are those sycophantic and clueless loyalists?

Our Writing Series “Under The Sycamore Tree” is anchored to fact-based analyses and it is here to stay. We will continue to side-brush outright lies and protect public interest from sabotage and scam. Our reliance is nourished in truth-telling. It is your right to know and it is our duty to let you know. Let the pen bleed the TRUTH. We value nation-ship over friendship. Watch out for Edition 8.

About The Author: Martin K. N. Kollie is a Liberian activist, columnist, and economist who currently lives in exile. He is a proponent of social democracy and economic freedom for all. He is hopeful of a NEW LIBERIA.By Martin K. N. Kollie
Activist and Columnist, martinkerkula1989@yahoo.com

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