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Then Hell Will Be Full – Part 2

The Bible says the place called Hell is real. The description of the condition in Hell is enough to frighten any normal person. For instance, Matthew 25:30 says there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Da small suffering will be in Hell? The Book of Revelation calls it the Lake of Fire. Da small suffering people will go through in Hell?

In all this, what interests me most is human beings’ don’t-care attitude toward the listof things that will cause people to go to Hell. We behave as if the list containing the deeds that will take us to Hell is a play-play list. I wish to talk about one of the things on the list, that is, lying.

Sometimes I really wonder whether God is serious when he says in his word that allliars will go to Hell or whether it is just a kind of joke to scare us a little – that is, not to show that we eat lying like kanyan.

I say this because we human beings, generally speaking, don’t pay any attention to any of the Biblical passages forbidding us to lie. In other words, we ignore God’s rules about not lying. We engage in lying as if it were a kind of culture or career.

We can lie. We can lie like no one’s business. We eat lying like kanyan. Da small lying we can do? Presidents and vice presidents lie. Judges and lawyers lie. Ministers and directors lie. Children lie and parents lie. Yet, I read in Revelation 21:8 that all liars will go to the place called Hell. If da true, then Hell will be full.

When it comes to lying, politicians eat it like kanyan. It seems the citizens eat it like kanyan more. Da small lie we can lie in this country? Journalists can lie. Police officers can lie. Other security officers can lie. In fact, some live on lying. Then when I read Revelation 21:8, it says that all liars will have their place in Hell. Hell will really be full.

Perhaps it is worse in the court. Prosecuting lawyers can lie. Defense lawyers can lie. Defendants can lie. Plaintiffs can lie. Jurors can lie. Witnesses can lie. Hear the big one. Judges can lie bad way, too. Then Revelation 21:8 says that all liars will also have the part in the place called Hell. Da small number of people will be in Hell?

School authorities can lie. Teachers can lie. Students can lie. Da small lying we on in this world? Women and men lie as if they were in some kind of competition in which the better lying group would be declared the winner. Da small lie women can lie? And no boundary-oh. The big women them can lie the same way the small girls them can lie. Da small lying girlfriends doing to their boyfriends, or wives doing to their husbands? A woman will sit on another man’s lap in Lakpasee and she will tell her husband that she is dying with sleep in her room in Paynesville. Believe me, my people. Hell will be full.

Then there are men. They can lie. They can lie bad way. In fact, many women and girls are afraid of men now because of the lying business. Da small lie men can lie? The old men them can lie just as the young men them can lie. Da small lying boyfriends doing to their girlfriends, or husbands doing to their wives.  A man will have his head on another woman in New Kru Town and he will tell his wife or girlfriend that is working over-time at his job site, sounding as if he were dying with office work. Hell will really be full.

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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