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They can go to hell

Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Representative and co-mastermind of Associate Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh’s impeachment Moses Acarous Gray says opposition Liberty Party (LP) can go to hell, but their alleged “partisan” Ja’neh will be removed from the Court.

“They can go to hell with it. We will remove him, I can tell you that,” Rep. Gray told local broadcaster OK FM Monday evening, 15 October.The CDC’s Rep. Gray and Thomas Fallah have been leading legislative efforts to have Justice Ja’neh removed from the Supreme Court bench for a wide range of allegations, including alleged corruption and abuse of office.

An impeachment bill has been crafted, passed at the House of Representatives and sent to the Liberian Senate where Justice Ja’neh could face impeachment trial.“Your partisan has been impeached, whether you like it or not. You can go to hell with it or whatsoever debate they take. Yes, they can go to hell,” Rep. Gray adds.

Rep. Gray claims that “one Unity Party lawmaker” says Justice Ja’neh is a “partisan of Liberty Party,” a claim he uses as his reliance to label the Associate Justice as partisan of the opposition LP.Additionally, Rep. Gray boasts that his “brain capacity” is more than opposition LP’s three time – defeated presidential candidate Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine and all of the party’s leaders, in further response to Kla Edward Tumbay’s argument on impeachment process here.

Earlier, the LP’s Tumbay had called in on the live radio show and suggested via mobile that Rep. Gray needs to learn the law because Liberia’s laws are not like the American laws surrounding impeachment process.The LP partisan had argued that the impeachment bill against Justice Ja’neh was just an indictment, and he must first face impeachment trial before the Senate and be impeached before one can say he is impeached.

But Rep. Gray suddenly returns verbal fire against the opposition LP partisan, claiming that the LP can go to hell with it because as far as he is concerned, Justice Ja’neh has been impeached and he will be removed whether they like it or not.

Rep. Gray however recommends that Justice Ja’neh resigns the post to avoid being denied any public job as an impeached official.In August, Justice Ja’neh’s lawyer Cllr. Arthur T. Johnson warned that his client will not honor any impeachment trial before the Legislature, if the House of Representatives failed to rescind its disrespect of the Supreme Court and honored the Court’s stay order.

The House of Representatives went ahead with its processes leading to the crafting and passing of the impeachment bill against Justice Ja’neh anyway, turning down the Court’s intervention.“But how will I go under an illegal action? First and foremost the Supreme Court has said status quo ante … but if the Supreme Court has issued the writ and says that, look, stop and come to court and you say you are proceeding, you are proceeding politically,” Cllr. Johnson said Monday, 27 August in Monrovia.

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By Winston W. Parley

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