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They need prayers

River Gee County Senator Conmany Wesseh, recently expelled by his colleagues from the county’s caucus launches a counterattack, telling them that they need prayers and deliverance in order to see the truth and know the best way to good governance.

He describes his recent expulsion by his colleagues as a great mistake in their political lives, noting that shame has embarrassed them to come to the realization of repentance.

Speaking at his Duport Road residence in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, the River Gee County Senator maintains he has done no wrong by checkmating nominees proffered by President George Weah.

He stresses that members of the senate have a constitutional responsibility to thoroughly scrutinize nominees, not the House, by querying them on their experiences and qualification, and he has only being playing his role in making sure those forwarded to the Senate for confirmation hearings met the minimum requirement.

He explains that of the 59 nominees presented by President Weah for River Gee County, 48 have sailed through.Meanwhile, a group calling itself, Potupo Development Association strongly condemns the recent decision of the Legislative Caucus of the county.

“We have received various communications from the leadership of the Caucus in which they said you are creating disrepute to the office of the President of the Republic of Liberia and at the same time accusing you of undermining the development of River Gee County. Wesseh, these allegations we strongly believe are fallacies and have no iota of truth. These allegations are unfounded, baseless and have the propensity to create chaos in River Gee and the Republic of Liberia,” the group notes in a two-page statement presented to the senator.

They call on Senator Wesseh to take advantage of the rule of law in seeking redress.“Few days later, Francis S. Young of District number two, River Gee County called on River Gee Radio and rained insults on you and your entire allied. We also realized the negative implications on the part of Young to divide the people of River Gee. On his part, Wesseh, we want the law to take its course and be made to produce all necessary pieces of evidence to prove his case in court of competence jurisdiction in the Republic of Liberia,” the Potupo Association says.

They point out that as concerned Potupo citizens, they disassociate their support from the River Gee Legislative Caucus for expelling Senator Wesseh.The group notes that this is an attempt to keep the people of River Gee in total abject poverty and create disunity in the county, demanding an immediate apology from the legislative caucus to the senator, who it notes, has held the banner of the county in high esteem over the years.

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“We are also calling on the President of the Republic of Liberia George Manneh Weah not to listen to politicians or individuals who want to use their selfish and personal aggrandizement to create mixed feelings between you and Senator Wesseh. This government belongs to all of us and we must work hard to bring success to our country”, the group concludes.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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