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They Say Because You Died For Sinners

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Jesus, as you very well know, I continue to bring certain things to your attention. The one I want to talk about today concerns how many of us are misusing your redemptive death to engage in all sorts of wicked and immoral acts besides the frequent indecent words we use.

For instance, you see choir or praise-and-worship leaders having multiple sexual relationships, eating all the people under their control. When you ask them to tell you how they feel about the action, they stand strong and say, “It is people like us for whom Jesus Christ died.”

You see pastors or assistant pastors sleeping with women and girls they are not married to, sometimes doing so on Saturday nights, and going to church on Sunday morning and preaching what they described as “powerful messages.” When you ask them to say how they feel about their actions, they stand on the E. J. Roye Building and shout: “Jesus died for people like us.”

You see police officers and other security men and women engaging in all sorts of unprofessional and un-Christian deeds, including blackmailing, extortion and torture – day and night. When you ask them to tell you about how they feel about what they are doing, they say, “Jesus came for sinners like us.”

You see men eating their neighbors’ wives all the time and women happily sleeping with their neighbors’ husbands either in various motels and hotels or in the very communities they live, plainly ignoring the Bible verse that says that we should not commit adultery. When they are reminded about their actions, they stand on Mt. Kilimanjaro and say, “Jesus Christ did not come for faithful people.”

You see people engaging in all sorts of indecent sexual behavior day in and day out. When they are told that God dislikes such behavior, they say, “Jesus loves sinners.”

You see pastors and Bible class teachers who teach Bible in Christian schools engaging in corrupt practices and other vices every period. When they are reminded about their status, they are ready to stand on Mt. Wologisi and say, “Didn’t Jesus die for sinners?”

You see business people knowingly exploiting or cheating others, including the government, year in and year out. However, when they are told about their deeds, the balance on Mt. Nimba and say, “Jesus came for the unfaithful.”

Market women and men selling rice cheat their customers day and night. Sometimes, they melt candle wax and place it at the bottom of the rice cup, so that when they measure the rice in it, the customers will be cheated. At other times, they cut the cup, remove some of its center part and rejoin it, using some special ingenuity in the process, reducing the size of the cup and cheating their customers in the process. They do it day and night – all the time.

However, when they are told about the ugliness of their actions, the jump and stand on the Executive Mansion, saying, “Jesus came for the bad people, not the good people.”

Jesus, it’s no joke. We are rotten – extremely rotten. For some of us, there is no garage in which we could be fixed. We are rotten beyond repair. However, every time most of us are reminded about our rotten ways in view of what your words say we should say and do, we are quick to say, “It is people like us for whom Jesus died.” Da true, Jesus? In other words, is that how it’s supposed to be?

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t the points to ponder?

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