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Third-World Style Democracy Resurfaces in the United States Under President Trump: Should Americans Lecture Third-World Countries About Democracy?

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Innumerable so-called Western democrats in persons of Emmanuel Macron, French President, Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, and other numberless Western democrats reprehended Daniel J. Trump, President United States for democratic subversion with the intent to override the will of the American voters by seek a subjective result in his interests and also influenced a terrible domestic terrorist group of Americans to hijack Lawmakers, vandalized their sacred political edifice and massacred 5 innocent Americans purposely for President Trump to clinch to political power at all cost against all democratic barometer which measures up to a Third-world style democracy found vividly in most parts of Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, some part of Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa which are known as banana republics or Sithole countries.

Millions of Latin Americans, Asians, Middle Easterners, Africans, Europeans take refuge in the United States, after their governments undermined democracy by raking all elections, hijacked Parliaments, use their armies to shoot and killed innocent civilians, put domestic terrorists on their streets to kill and destroy properties and chased their citizens out of their countries with the sole purpose of clinching to political power for the rest of their lives in the name of democracy.

Today, people from the aforesaid undemocratic countries no longer have a place to go for refuge, because, the United States which was once considered the place of the brave, and home to refugees and asylees fleeing from civil wars, political upheavals, military persecutions, and other domestic violence persecutions has got nowhere to go for refuse because the United States which was considered the only save heavens, has now joined the long list of banana republics and Sithole countries through the tireless efforts of Presidents Danial J. Trump who is simply a democratic by appearance but a senior authoritarian politician and a natural-born dictator.

President Trump is no doubt a Whiteman wearing an authoritarian and dictatorial garment next to Pres. Xi Jinping, China, Pres. Vladimir Putin-Russia, and Pres. Yoweri Museveni-Uganda (Africa) who has spent over 35-years in power as well as Pres. Alpha Condé of the Republic of Guinea, who killed over two dozen of his people simply to clinch to power for third terms and possibly for a lifetime. Americans have built strong reputations and reflections over 400-years ago to be the world’s oldest democracy which has now been proven to be one of the greatest hidden fallacies’ far from the truth by many standards.

This is a clear manifestation that the Republican Partisans, die-hard members, and well-wishers simply preached democracy but they did not practice democracy and lived by its tenets. The Republicans are by and large true dictators, this assertion is made because since President took the helm of affairs as the most powerful man in the world, he had been engaged in countless despicable acts that are contrary to the expectations of the so-called American democracy, for example, he used his presidency to go against his enemies openly, a banana republic style.

President Trump had turned the U.S. Attorney-General into his personal and private lawyer. He had failed to declare his assets and his tax returns. Trump is not transparent and accountable. President Trump is uncivilized and lacked diplomatic mannerism and deep respect for multinational organizations and democratic institutions. President Trump is on record for dismissing Americans in his government who do not exhibit open loyalty to him. Trump is a natural-born racist President who hates foreigners and also puts babies in cages and called black women pigs and dogs. Amid these disgraceful tendencies, Trump is being celebrated and honored by his fellow Republicans who possessed the same characters of malfeasance political practices, which made the Republican party very dangerous and ruthless in modern America
Pres. Trump’s governance can no doubt be linked to the rule of the late Pres. Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías Venezuela, who suffered his people simply to consolidate his grip on power. He can also be compared to the late Pres. Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi of Libya, who intended to be in power for life until he was killed. Trump shadows can also be found in the late Pres. Tubman of Liberia, who governed Liberia for 27-years by imposing his political will on Liberia and Liberians until he was taken away by the cold hands of death against his will.

Pres. Trump’s action to deface the values and dignity of the so-called American democracy has one purpose that is for him to remain in power for life. This is indeed a third-world style concept of democracy. But Trump’s political concepts truly designate his strong Republican base who has continued to support him since he became President 4-years ago and now had decided to overturn the will of American voting power and perpetuate his stay in power for life. Over 117 Republican representatives and 11 Republican Senators support President Trump as he exhibits his dictatorial posture in his last days in office.

Never in the lifetime of the American young generation, that democracy would be relegated to third world style democracy after 400-years of its existence. There is a lesson to also learn from Pres. Trump. The lesson here is that democracy has enormous weaknesses. It is a volatile theory that can be manipulated easily. For example, the elections can be easily manipulated in many ways and more and more Trumps will continue to rise in America until issues such as mailing ballots, absentees’ ballots, and electoral votes system are lay rest the Trump factor will reoccur not in the too distance thus making America a continues banana republic and a Sithole county.

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