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This Stupid Thing Called Marriage – Part 2

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Yeah, da me again. Da me Paul. I am back, my people. I am back to prove why marriage is a stupid thing. You like it, jacko; you na like it, jacko lantern. And, believe me, my friends. Da na fi-yah comin’ from my mou’h. I say marriage da stupid thing, and those who choose to get married want to practise stupidity. Da me say so. My mou’h na scared seh.

There’re several various stupid reasons why people get married, and those reasons indicate that marriage is a stupid thing. In fact, all the reasons many different individuals and groups have given me about why people get married or should get married are either spurious, selfish, stupid or funny. Da na bene seed poppin’ from my mou’h.

In Part I, after providing some clarifying comments whay marriage is a stupid thing, I presented the first main stupid reason why some people decide to get married, and that stupid reason is getting married because the woman is pregnant – shot-gun marriage Utter stupidity!

At this point, permit me to present three additional stupid reasons why people get married, stupid reasons that have made marriage itself a stupid thing. Ehn y’all know my mou’h na scared? Let’s start.

Stupid Reason #2

While some have a shot-gun marriage, others go through an arranged marriage. An arranged marriage is the one people enter because their parents arrange or force them into it. In essence, the person to marry is not their choice, but their parents’, and the decision to marry that person is not really made by them, but by their parents. Isn’t this also stupid? Nonsense! Craziness! If a person gets married because their parents arrange it so, then is marriage not a stupid thing?

Stupid Reason #3

Another stupid reason why people get married is that the person whom they have met is very good-looking. The man is well-built and very handsome, or the woman is well-shaped and extremely beautiful. Simply put, some people get married because of physical beauty. Utter insanity! Get married because of physical appearance, because the person is good-looking?

How will you feel, and what will you do, if, after a few weeks or months or years, an accident occurs and the person is disfigured, or some sickness appears and the beauty disappears? What, then?

I have heard some men say, “That girl is very beautiful. I want to marry her.” Some women also say, “I don’t want to marry an ugly man. I want to get married to a very handsome man.” Yes, some people’s decision to get married is based on the beauty of the person to be married. Doesn’t this make marriage a stupid thing?

Stupid Reason #4

Some people get married based on what is know as love-match. Differently stated, they get married because of love – only love – nothing else. In other words, according to them, they have met the love of their heart. Their argument is that they will not get married until they find someone who loves them or whom they love. This also makes marriage a stupid thing because, if love comes from the heart, and if the heart, according to Jeremiah 17:9, is deceitful above all other things, and it is exceedingly corrupt, then it is stupid to get married because of something that comes from the heart?

Besides, isn’t it true that love grows old or tired? So, why base something that is supposed to be forever – that is, marriage – on another thing – that is, love – that can get tired or change? There are scores of individuals who said they got married because they had met the love of their heart – their real second half – only to divorce after a few years or months. Da na true, my people?

Moreover, isn’t love a form of insanity, a form of madness? If you are overtaken by love; that is if you are really in love, you are no longer normal. You are no longer yourself. Therefore, if you get married based on something that has rendered you insane or stupid, then you didn’t make a sane decision. It’s like taking an action or a decision when you are under the influence of alcohol.

If it is true that love is blind, and if you get married because you are in love, then it means you got married when you were still blind. If you really love the person, and the person really loves you, it means that the two of you are blind – meaning, the two of you are abnormal. What do you expect when two abnormal persons come together? Getting married because you are in love is one of the stupidest reasons that make marriage a stupid thing. Perhaps it would be better to get married when your eyes are opened, not closed.

It’s no wonder a lot of people decide to divorce when the blindness and insanity – the so-called love – has evaporated. Someone once said that deciding to get divorced because you no longer love a person is as hilarious and silly as deciding to get married because of love, in the first place. Why make such an important decision, when you know that you are not normal? Stupidity! Insanity! Nonsense! Craziness! Complete cha-cha! Foolishness to the highest degree!

To be continued …

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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