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This Stupid Thing Called Marriage: Part I

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It is clear that there are many stupid things in this world. And life has proven that we human beings are the stupidest creatures among God’s creation. No wonder most of the stupidest statements and activities in life are connected with human beings.

I repeat. In addition to our being funny, we are stupid, and we enjoy creating stupid games and activities, one of which is this stupid thing called marriage. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that a man and a woman should not be together or live together. However, to do so, based on some stupid thing called marriage, is what I don’t understand.

Yeah, da me, again. Da me Paul. My mou’h na scared seh. I say marriage da stupid thing. You like it, jacko; you na like it, jacko lantern. I know after reading this article, some of you will say that I am not normal, which will not be a problem for me, because, sometimes, I myself feel and think that I am not normal.

Anyway, whether I am normal or not, one thing I can tell you is that as long as I have this thing called life, as well as the other thing called good health, I will never get tired writing life’s activities because there are too many interesting things to write about in life.

Let me go to my real discussion topic. I would like to talk about marriage this time around. Eh, God, what friskiness has caused me to choose this other topic again. Is it because I want the so-called happily married people to tear me to pieces after reading the article? Is it because I want pastors and Bible teachers to quote Genesis Chapter One, I Corinthians Chapter 7 and so forth to me? Or is it because I am not normal? Mee-aan know seh!

My people, the first reason why marriage is a stupid thing is that no one knows exactly what the primary reason for getting married is or should be. In fact, nearly all married people have their own “primary” reasons for getting into this stupid thing. There is not fixed primary reason for this stupid thing called marriage.

Ask any married person. Ask any divorced person. Ask any widow. Ask any widower. Ask anyone planning to get married. Ask them why they got married or want to get married. You will hear all the stupid answers ever imagined. In fact, many currently married people and divorced persons will tell you that they got married for the wrong reasons.

It is really not that they got married for the wrong reason. They don’t know why people should get married, in the first place. Why would I want to get in something when all those whom I know are in it don’t know why they got there? I am not ready to join any stupid club. Da me say so.

The same is true about those planning to get married – they don’t really know why they should get married. Just ask any woman or man planning to get married. They will give you what our people called “so so stupid reasons.” Da me say so.

It could be that marriage is a good thing, but all the reasons I have heard or known about why people decide to get married, makes me conclude that marriage is a stupid thing. And I will consider it that way until I can be convinced that it is not. I am waiting for all those who think they can convince me that marriage is not a stupid thing.

Because nearly all that get married do so due to many stupid reasons, a lot of people have come to hate the idea of marriage. In fact, of all the married and divorced people that I have asked about the reasons they got married, no one – absolutely no one – has been able to give me one good reason. Why shouldn’t I conclude that marriage is a stupid thing? In short, I consider marriage a stupid thing because all the reasons given for marriage are stupid. Da me say so.

Now, let’s look at some of those stupid reasons that make marriage to be a stupid thing:

Stupid Reason #1

Some people get married based on shot-gun. A shot-gun marriage is the one entered into because the girl or woman is pregnant. In other words, there was no immediate plan for the two people to get married, but because the woman is conceived – usually mistakenly – they decide to get married. This situation happens almost all over the world, especially in countries that have a strong religious tradition.

Their usual statement is “We want to make it right with God,” when they know that they are doing it because they want to conceal sin. They reason that God is stupid. It’s no wonder most marriages end in divorce. People do it for the wrong reason.

Frankly, my people, should two persons get married because the woman is conceived? Getting married because the woman is pregnant is one of the most hilarious and stupidest reasons for getting married. What if, God forbid, the woman experienced miscarriage a few days or weeks after the wedding, or the child was born, but did not survive the first month? What would the married couple do then? In my opinion, those who go through shot-gun weddings deceive themselves, and not their society or God.

That said, the only good thing – or one of the best things – about this kind of marriage is that it helps show that marriage is a stupid thing.

To be continued …
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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