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This-time Girls – Part I

Hmm, I am here to write on another thing again. My brain never gets tired of coming up with various ideas. My mou’h na scared to talk, and my hands never get tired of writing. Da lie, my people? Da na lie.

So, my people, I am here to write about something that will make this-time girls and women to put slap in my ear. What I want to say is that, generally speaking, all this-time girls that I know and have heard about are the same.  Da me say so. You like it, jacko, you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern.

When it comes to beauty, they are among the most beautiful of Mother Earth’s daughters. I na joking. But, you have to be afraid of this-time girls. They’re full of scams and rascality big time. You na able them. Da me say so.

You see, my dear friends, this-time girls – I usually call them ‘withdrawal slips’ – are a bottomless pit, in terms of their desire and penchant for cajoling and fleecing men day and night, morning and afternoon and evening. In short, this-time girls like money business like flies like rotten things.

And let me make it clear seh. When I say this-time girls, I mean both girls and women. I use ‘’girls’ because, generally speaking, no woman wants to be old. Besides, in most instances, you can’t even tell the difference between a girl and a woman. Woman da woman.

This-Time Girls Have Degree in Beeping

You see this-time girls? You know about this-time girls? They eat beeping like kanyan. They are all around the place beeping all the nu-nu men in town. They think that it is men who have all the money for calling. Not only that. They think that it is men who are supposed to do the calling. It is really annoying. You able this-time girl?

Even if a girl had US$10 worth of credit in her phone, she would still beep the man. Flashing da their area. Do you know another funny thing they do about this beeping business? A girl will beep a man. When the man calls her back, she will say, “Send me dollar manh. I’m out of unit.”

That humanitarian man – I mean, that stupid men – will send the money. When she receives it, she will beep the man again. When the man calls her back to find out why the second beeping, she will say, “I just wanted to tell you that I’ve received the money you sent to my phone.” Can you imagine? Seriously, my people, isn’t this really an annoying behavior?

This-time girls gone crazy with this flashing business. A few days ago, a girl flashed a man who was encashing his check at a local bank. She flashed for the first time; the man ignored it. She flashed for the second time; the man ignored it. And remember that when it comes to beeping, this-time girls are as stubborn as mid-night mosquitoes. She beeped for the third time. The man still ignored it. The stubborn girl beeped for the fourth time. The man called her back. She gave the man all the I-will-fool-this-other-man talks and then, at the end, she said, “Bye-bye-o, sweetheart. Da why I called you for.”

The man shook his head, hissed and said, “Just say that’s why I beeped you for; not that’s why I called you. I’m the one who called you.”

This is the extent to which this-time girls can carry their crazy beeping. This-time girls like beeping just as flies like rotten things. They like beeping. They eat beeping like kanyan. They specialize in beeping. They are trained beepers. The have degree in beeping. They are professional beepers. Da me say so. They like it, jacko; they na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern.

Watch out for Part 2.
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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