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This-Time Mosquitoes – Part I

Yorlea’eme alone let me write about this-time mosquitoes. Please leave me alone, my people. I want to really say something about these tiny and stupid creatures called mosquitoes. I think this-time mosquitoes are different from the mosquitoes of those days. Ehn da true, my people?

Ehn when I say they are different, I am not suggesting that the mosquitoes of those days used to suck blood, and this-time mosquitoes don’t. They all do suck blood. All mosquitoes are blood-sucking creatures, whether those of pre-war or post-war Liberia.

The difference I am talking about has to do with their attitude. It seems to me that this-time mosquitoes are smarter or more intelligent and creative than their brothers and sisters in the olden days. Take it from me, my people. The mosquitoes of our days are interestingly different from the mosquitoes of the past.

Considering the fact that many believe that modern-day human beings are more intelligent than long-time-ago human beings, I am not sure whether it should surprise me or interest me that the mosquitoes of our days seem more intelligent than the mosquitoes of those days. Maybe it should do both to me – surprise and interest me.

I swear to God. The smartness I see in this-time mosquitoes forces me to sit and think whether they are real mosquitoes or some of them are transformed human beings. Don’t forget that some human beings can change to ground hogs, deer, elephants and so forth. The big word for this is called transmogrification. Human beings can do all kinds of things.

Anyway, if da real mosquitoes behaving so, then we all have to be very, very careful with this-time mosquitoes. Why do I say this? Well, this-time mosquitoes can engage in all kinds of eyebrow-raising things. They think before acting. In short, they are not as unintelligent as many human beings believe.

For example, long ago, spray scent used to scare mosquitoes away. This time, some mosquitoes will help you to spray the room. Most of friends have told me that every time they spray their room with a room well, close the door, get outside and return after thirty minutes or one hour, sassy mosquitoes can still be flying all around and trying to suck them.

One of such friends asked me a few days ago, “Paul, where do all these mosquitoes come from after spraying the room?”

I laughed and said, “Da me know the answer?”

Also, think about what they can do to still suck people lying under mosquito nets. These mosquitoes, having realized that the net prevents them from going near a person’s body, patrol the edges of the bed or mattress to see whether the person lying down will somehow have their hand, elbow, knee, toes, back or face near the net. They will keep going around that net seeking opportunity to discover some loophole because they realize that when human beings are sleeping they can forget about themselves. Once they find any part of the net where a part of the human body is shown, they suck to their satisfaction. This-time mosquitoes can act like human beings. Da real mosquitoes around here so?

Last week, one of my friends sprayed his room well, closed it and went outside. He returned after more than an hour, opened his wardrobe and picked a pair of trousers to wear. To his surprise, seven active mosquitoes jumped from one of the front pockets of the trousers and started flying around. He hissed and kicked the spray can, as if it were the spray can that had advised the mosquitoes to hide in his pocket.

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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