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Thousands of Africans in America are returning to Liberia with the Repatriation of Liberian Diplomat and Consul General

Now that the Republic of Liberia is currently in talks to repatriate Dr. Malachi York a Liberian Diplomat who is languishing in Florence ADX Supermax prison, in the U.S., thousands of his supporters of the United Nuwaupians Worldwide who are particularly Africans in America and Africans in the Caribbean are preparing to return home to the land that they view historically as a land of Liberty, the Republic of Liberia.

This new exodus of Africans in America to Liberia is a continuation of the settling migrations of descendants of African slaves and indigenous peoples of the Americas that have longed wished to return back to their grassroots to escape the racism, discrimination and abuses endured in the U.S. This prepared exodus is not something new, great African American leaders implemented plans to immigrate to Africa known as ‘Back to Africa’ movements during the late 1800 and 1900’s. Marcus Garvey particularly was pivotal in motivating thousands of Africans in America to journey across the Atlantic on the ‘Black Star’ ship line to settle in the great land of Liberty to join the extended families of West Africa in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

This new Exodus has gained momentum in the U.S. as thousands of Africans in America plan in joint ventures to assist in the rapid development of West Africa, Dr. Doosua York Chair of the International Diaspora African Forum and President of the Dr. Malachi York Foundation here in Liberia says that ‘It is imperative that Africans in America encourage the pursuit of the land of Liberty in West Africa, Liberia and like countries has always been our home to pursue real equal opportunities, a place where you will be excepted by your very own kind with open arms.’

Africans in America contribute to billions of dollars annual to the economy of the U.S. yet they still are continuously discriminated against and racism in the country has seemed to become more overt and socially accepted as normal. With the repatriation of Dr. Malachi York a Liberian West African leader of Africans in the Diaspora his 40 year influence of great leadership amongst the people have led to a inspiring conscious awakening of the realization that ‘African is for Africans’ and that in order for the successful rise of Liberia as an economic powerhouse on the continent Nuwaupians Worldwide, Africans in America have to contribute to the economic stimulation needed to secure the future the Republic of Liberia.

On March 31, 2018 President Donald Trump recently lifted the protection of Liberians in the U.S. and ending a program that has allowed immigrants to remain in the United States and work legally since 1999, nearly 800,000 thousand refugees fled Liberia during the war some sought protection in the U.S. This program ending is a reality check for many Liberians that the U.S. is no longer welcoming Africans in America, giving greater meaning this new exodus and repatriation of Africans in America back to Liberia. Along with repatriation of Dr. Malachi Z. York many Liberians feel as though it is time to come together and continue to build where we are welcomed.

This modern day Exodus will do great wonders for the peoples of the Republic as the Africans in America who are preparing to re-settle here are bringing profession skills, and craftsmanship, educators in academics and health, master builders, engineers, architects and other skill sets needed to balance the needs of the peoples of Liberia. Lets welcome our sisters and brothers with open arms as they work with the Republic of Liberia to continuously restore the dignity and pride of our nation.

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