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Three Dynamite Fishermen Behind Bars

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The issue of dynamite fishing has come to the fore as three fishermen are currently imprisoned at the Monrovia central prison, popularly known as “south beach” following their involvement into illegal fisheries activities, specifically dynamite and chemical fishing.
According to the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) 2010 fisheries regulation, it is unlawful to use Dynamite, any form of explosives and chemical to fishing or chemical fishing in both inland water bodies and the ocean. Currently most fishermen along rivers and creeks are heavily involved into dynamite fishing which has resulted into the damage of the fish and its habitat and also houses and other infrastructural in the environment.

Speaking Tuesday February 5, 2020 at the Temple of justice in Monrovia, the Director of the Aquaculture and Inland Fisheries Department at NAFAA disclosed that lots of violation are taking place along the rivers, lakes, lagoons and creeks in Liberia.

Director ZiziKpadeh noted that NaFAA is not taking kindly the used of dynamite and other chemical substances inland water bodies, therefore legal measures are being instituted to mitigate the situations.Mr. Kpadeh disclosed that three fishermen are currently been detained at the Monrovia central prison awaiting court trial as a result of their involvement in dynamite fishing practice that has been banned by the government through the fisheries authority.

Director Kpedeh who named the three dynamite fishermen who are in detention as JusuSonii,Pecious P. Kings and Albert P. Hills confirmed that NaFAA with the help of the security groups will apprehend all fishermen involved into illegal fishing activities including dynamite fishing along with other chemical fishing activities.

It can be recalled earlier January 2020, fisherman Wolobah Gibson resident of the Kpelle Town Community in Bernard Farm was arrested for his involvement into alleged dynamite fishing.The Fisheries regulations of 2010 and the new fisheries management law of 2019 prohibit the use of explosive, firearms, chemicals and toxic substances and other illegal fishing methods which have the potential to damage fish habitat and human lives due to the poison the fish accumulate as the result of the dynamite and chemicals.

Employees of the Aquaculture and Inland Fisheries Division of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority caught a fishermen and two fish mongers who were holistically involved into dynamite fishing.The three individuals are all Liberians including Ezekiel Joe, the fishermen who blasted the dynamite in the Zangar Town river between Grand Bassa and Margibi Counties, near the Roberts International Airport and the two dynamite fish buyers Garmah Joe and Josephine Logan who were detained and later released.

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