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Tightening grip on all 3 branches

With Senate President Pro-Tempore Albert Chie’s declaration of membership for the governing Coalition for Democratic Change, the CDC has a firm grip on both the Executive and the Legislature, and is well on its way to presiding over the judiciary, if not already.

It is obvious that the ruling party automatically runs the Executive, while the Legislature provides check and balance in line with the Constitution, but not in this case right now.

Now that both the Speaker and the Senate Pro-Tempore are partisans of the ruling Coalition, absolute power is successfully being entrenched in Liberia. It is just matter of time when contrary views or thoughts would be crushed or silenced at all levels of our society.

The judiciary is tilting on one toe, with the impeachment of Justice Kabina Ja’neh and his subsequent replacement by now Justice Joseph Nagbe from the governing CDC, and it is only a matter of time that a CDCian could emerge at the helm of the judiciary.

This should be scaring for people with dissenting thoughts, as they just wouldn’t have any place to express themselves and to be heard, not even at the 54th Legislature or the Judiciary.

We can deduce clearly where this is going: War and Economic Crimes Tribunal for Liberia? Not possible with CDCians at the control of all three branches of the Liberian government. Liberians should brace themselves for even more difficult times with the international community, as culture of impunity is on its way to become official policy here.

When the ruling establishment takes complete control of all three separate but coordinate branches of government, as is being hatched, then it loses sight of the plight of the people and instead, becomes cheering squad of the President.

Under such leadership style, tyranny and dictatorship become order of the day, as no one dares speak otherwise. Already, dissenting views from opposition lawmakers at the House are being crushed under the watch of Speaker Chambers, a stalwart of the ruling CDC.
Liberia risks reversing to the days of the grand old True Whig Party (TWP) that held onto power in this country for over a century, if care is not taken.

Who is there to thoroughly and independently scrutinize the national budget, including income and expenditure of the Executive when only CDCians preside over the affairs of State? Liberians should take cue from the current state of affairs in their country and think twice.

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