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Todee residents attend training workshop

The Sustainable Urban and Rural Integration Development Organization (SURIDO) has concluded three days intensive training workshop on water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) for 90 residents of Todee Statutory District , Montserrado county.

The participants dominated by women, acquired ‘WASH sustainability skills’ during the intensive training sessions held recently at the Administrative Hall, Nyehn Town in Todee Statutory District, According to a WASH release, the first batch of 90 participants comprising local leaders and prominent citizens were trained in village saving Loan skills to ably sustain WASH facilities within some 15 towns where Surido operates in the district.

The second day session focused on sustainability skills to enable WASH-line ministries and local authorities to manage WASH facilities in the district, while the third day training session was attended by representatives of WASH-line ministries, local leadership and civil society Organizations, focusing on Human Right Based Approach in WASH Advocacy.

Program Director Sippy M. Dugbeh, said SURIDO has constructed nine water wells in several schools and communities as well as rehabilitated 19 more water wells in Schools and communities during its two phrases of works in Todee district.

Director Dugbeh said Surido programs and projects are supported by Water aid-Liberia and the Church of Latter Day Saints Charity. He thanked both charity institutions for supporting Surido to bring relief to the needy.
He however expressed regret that Surido is being challenged to remedy the lacks of safe drinking water in Todee district where most residents are drinking from creeks due to lack of pipe borne water or sufficient wells.
He disclosed that a sac of water is being sold in Todee for L$200.00 and a plastic bag costs L$10.00, prices that most citizens cannot afford. Press Release


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