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Tolerate all political actors

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-Weah tells Grand Gedeans

Fish Town, Rivergee February 22-Amidst reports of hustle treatments of opposition political parties and politicians in Grand Gedeh dubbed as the stronghold of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), President George Weah has urged citizens of the county to tolerate all political actors in spite of the different political persuasions.

Addressing crossed section of Grand Gedeans in Zwedru, at a Town Hall meeting Saturday, Mr. Weah cautioned the citizens against chasing out of the county, people who are believed to be in the constant habit of insulting or criticizing him.”We must allow every politician to come here freely. It’s not a good image to ask people to leave the county, he told the local.

“If you really like me, allow all of them to come. If you don’t want to listen to them, stay home. You are respected in our society,” Weah warned, adding “Let no one provoke you. I am the one they are insulting. I am not saying that they must insult me, but what I am saying to you, don’t be angry. We are in a country where some people don’t understand and respect authorities because of their orientations.

You who grew up here in the interior have respect for your authorities and elders. So don’t revert to violence before you tint your character like them,” he noted.The President explained that in order to foster peace and democracy, every politician should be allowed entry into Gran Gedeh.

Mr. Weah furthered that reverting to violence against his critics would give a bad image of Zwedru, because that would undermine his regime.Meanwhile, President Weah has vowed to extend the pavement of the Ganta-Tappita highway to Zwedru, before the end of his first term in office.

He said it would be unfair to pave Ganta-Tappita road without paving the Tappita to Zwedru highway. He disclosed that his administration is in holding conversation with the World Bank to ensure the possible alignment of the Tappita to Zwedru corridor to the previous arrangement.

“We cannot achieve Ganta to Tappita and don’t do Tappita to Zwedru. As I speak, we are in conversation with the World Bank to make sure that the corridor-Tappita to Zwedruis also align with the Ganta to Tappita project” Mr. Weah opined.

He explained that both roads will be implemented simultaneously in an effort to rescue the people from the age-old nightmare of driving on muddy, bumpy and narrow highways.

“The two roads will finish at the same time. We must fix this corridor even if we will not achieve anything under my regime, this road will be paved” President Weah stated.

By: NawayGumeh-Editing by Othello B. Garblah

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