Too disappointing of the Speaker’s office

IT IS SAD and disappointing that the Office of Speaker Bhofal Chambers wound want to narrow-mindedly defend what is glaringly indefensible by blaming a recent motor accident that led to miscarriage by a pregnant woman and serious injuries of another person to a Police security detail vehicle assigned to the Speaker rather than Speaker Chambers taking responsibility.

HE ARGUED THAT so far, no death has occurred as insinuated by some media outlets, and that no official vehicle/s in the makeup of the Speaker’s convoy was involved in the accident.

BUT HOW CAN the Office of the Speaker distinguish between a Liberia National Police detail vehicle officially assigned to Speaker Chambers from his convoy as though cars in the convoy are privately-acquired and owned.

WHAT IS MORE disgusting is that Walkins shamelessly denied there was death as a result of the accident even in the face of confirmation by doctors at the J.F.K. Hospital that the pregnant woman in question suffered miscarriage, while her mother sustained broken legs.

ADDITIONALLY, AN OFFICIAL press release issued Thursday, March 11, 2021 by the Press Bureau of the House of Representatives described the accident as “unfortunate”, and explained the unexpected situation happened at the time security detail assigned with the Speaker was on its regular operational routine of picking up officers for assignment during that early morning hours of 6: 00 O’clock.

“THE PRESS BUREAU asserts that victims of the incident are being hospitalized at the John F. Kennedy hospital at the expense of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, who ran to the hospital to ensure that the victims are given adequate treatment, upon hearing said unfortunate information’’, the release reads.

WHAT THE SPEAKER’ office should have said is that the convoy was not in service at the time of the accident, but an officially assigned vehicle. The truth is Speaker Bhofal Chambers is held accountable for all vehicles officially assigned to his office, including whereever they go, purpose for the mission and whatever happens there.

IS THE OFFICE of the Speaker saying a miscarriage is not a lost of live? When does life begin? Is it at the time of birth or at the meeting of sperms of a man and a female’s egg inside the wound after sexual intercourse?

TO BASELESSLY ARGUE that no death occurred from the accident presupposes that the pregnant victim was not carrying a baby, and that doctors at the JFK hospital lied. At least that’s what George Walkins wants the public to believe.

A CORE VALUE of Public Relations is truth-telling aimed at winning or attracting favorable public attention. It does not require lying or covering up what is already known. Threading on such path is counter-productive and it could boomerang with disastrous consequences.

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