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Top Gov’t officials troop to Cummings

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Reports reaching this paper speaks of a massive migration from the ruling Unity Party or UP which is already rocked by defections, the National Patriotic Party or NPP and the People United Party or PUP to the Alternative National Congress or ANC of little known Alexander Cummings.

Top Govt officials

The reports which are emanating from the public affairs department of the ANC named key government officials including newly elected House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay, Margibi Senator Oscar Cooper, Bong County Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, Public Works Minister William Guyde Moore, Lands, Mines and Energy Minister Patrick Sendolo, and Gender and Development Minister Julia Duncan Cassell as the new political immigrants who are seeking shelter in the ANC.

ANC, officials claim that the migrations of key political figures toward Cummings is due to the high level of credibility, intellect and clean character of their party’s political leader. Sen. Taylor, the extreme wife of jailed ex-president Taylor is currently the standard bearer of the former ruling NPP. There are reports that she is seeking a political marriage with the ANC, of the former Coca-Cola Vice President. The information added that Sen. Taylor is lobbying to be running mate to Mr. Cummings for the impending 2017 presidential race.

The NPP has been faced with a leadership crisis since the departure offormer President Taylor, who single handily funded the party. The party failed to feature a presidential candidate in the 2011 Presidential election and is likely to do the same in 2017, if a potential marriage is not found with any of the opposition party.

Sen. Taylor had worked closelywith Cummings for the reconditioning of the computer laboratory of the St. Clement University. She has become a very close friend to the little known political figure here. She is said to be one of the first officials of government to have rained praises on Cummings for his humanitariangestures across the country.

When the political advisor to Sen. Taylor, Mr. Marvin Cole was contacted, he declined to comment on grounds that he now occupy the position of City Mayor of Gbarnga, Bong. When the paper contacted the senator via mobile her private phone it rang endlessly.

With Public Works Minister Moore, sources say there have been constant meetings with the Cummings’ camp and the Public Works minister, but that the minister has been hesitant to pledge support now with his link to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf thus far.

For the newly elected House Speaker Nuquay, who heads the PUP, the ANC and PUP have been in constant dialogue for integration between the two parties. The party sources closed to the dialogue say senior members of the PUP met with Cumming at the Terracota to discuss potential alliance.

When the speaker was contacted, he denied of having any political arraignment with ANC or Mr. Cummings. He told this paper Sunday morning that as stalwart of the PUP, any engagement with any political party will not be hidden.

For his part, Sen. Cooper, a former official of the ruling UP, is said to be a strong supporter of Cummings. His support for Cummings gained momentum following his resignation for the ruling Unity Party. He is said to be seriously engaged in doing some of the underground negotiations for the ANC man in his county.

Minister Julia Duncan Cassel, a longtime confidant to President Sirleaf is said to have established a good friendship with the ANC political leader. With President Sirleaf out of the 2017 political limelight and the internal bickering and backbiting within the UP, sources say a migration to the ANC is likely.

Sources say there has been series of meetings held between Madam Cassel and some officials of the ANC and that she is expected to pledge her support to Cummings presidential bid soon.
Minister Cassel could not be reached since last Friday, as her contact number appears to be switch off. It is believed that Cummings is among the wealthy aspirants for the election.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Editing by Othello B. Garblah

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