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9th Edition

Thank God for today’s lesson; may this lesson open the minds of our husbands to do according to the word of God. In Jesus name, AMEN. Before I go into the scripture, let us first of all look at the definition of a HUSBAND & MAN.

HUSBAND, is a man in marriage or marital relationship. A husband is the master of a house, the head of a family; a householder.

On the other hand, MAN, or a man is an adult male human, who has to an eminent degree, qualities considered masculine, such as strength, integrity, & devotion to family. 

All husbands are men, but not all men are husbands. You are a man by God’s creation; you don’t have any choice about that, but you can choose to be a husband or remain just as a man.

As a man, before you choose to become a husband, you should have the characteristics of a husband in line with standards from the scripture.

Ephesians 5: 25;

Husbands LOVE your wives, even as Christ LOVED the church and gave himself for it;

Colossians 3:19;

Husbands, LOVE your wives, and be not bitter against them;

Ephesians 5: 23;

For the husband is the HEAD of the wife, even as Christ is the HEAD of the church; and he is the SAVIOR of the body.

Let’s discuss briefly the 3 characteristics of a HUSBAND;

•LOVE, as the scripture rightly says, a husband should love his wife, as Christ loves us and give his life for us to be saved. Love is the reason for which God sent his only begotten son (JESUS) to die for us to be saved.

The Bible never said man love your women, but instead, husbands LOVE your wives.’ You have all of the time as men to play around, but once you choose to be a husband, you should have only your wife to love, care for and make happy, not only giving her gold and diamond, but by making yourself available for her at all time.

•HEAD, the place of honor, or of command, the most important or foremost position, the front. the leader of homes.

The husband should be the head of his wife, no matter the situation, do not allow your wife to take your place of honor in your home. Always be in charge and do not run away from your responsibilities.

•SAVIOR, a person who rescues another from harm.

A husband should always protect his wife at all time form harm. Do not allow your wife to go out alone at night all because of love and wanting to please her, you are exposing her to danger.

Always know the schedule of your wife that will help make you to know the time she is to be home. If the time exceeded, it will raise concern and you will be able to locate her immediately.

With these characteristics, I see no reason why your wife should not submit to you.       

Ephesians 5: 23;

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

HUSBAND, you have to love your wife first, in order to make her submit to you.

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By; Min. Mrs. Massa M. Kanyon, House of Achievers Church

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