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Special Feature


By; Min. Mrs. Massa M. Kanyon, House of Achievers Church
Old Road Junction, behind the Executive carwash 9th Edition
Contact: 0886- 749110/ 0886- 139310/ 0770- 749110/ 0770- 443355.
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This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Today, we are discussing the “POWER OF VISION”. Let us first look at the definition of vision.

VISION, is an idea towards which one aspires, and then a vision not achieved by the visionary is, or was just a mere dream. I put it again in another sentence, a vision until achieved by the visionary or visionaries, is but a dream – without acting, it is just a fantasy.

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough”, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had said.

But, it is just about dreaming the big and scarring dreams and sitting down with them? No, I think the President did not have the luxury of time to teach her audience the most essential part of the quote.

While I agree that we must first have a dream, I also think that we must also not leave the part of ACTING!; because it is the most vital part of achieving our vision.

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Countries, people and individuals, who thrive in these our times are people, who act with a clear sense of target or a vision in mind, towards which they aspire. They take clear, calculated and precise step in the decisions that they make, whereas every step and or decision brings them if not a step, then steps closer to achieving their aspired vision.

A powerful vision is not a selfish vision. What do I mean? If your vision is just to empower you and your immediate family, then it has not the characteristics of a powerful vision. This is because a powerful vision must affect the lives of others around you.

An example of such vision is the one Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about in his famous “I have a dream” speech. Today, we see a fruit of the dream Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. HAD parading the White House of the greatest nation on earth today, in (with all due respect,) Mr. Barack Obama.

Dr. King had a dream of which his immediate family were to be a part of, but not limited to them alone. Dr King dreamt it, Mr. Obama and infinite amount of others achieve it.  But one thing we most know is, if Dr. King had not ACTED, this would not have been attributed to him and the countless others that acted.

Our President (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) had a big dream; it was so big in that it scared her, but if she had sat on it, she wouldn’t have achieved her dream.

The way of acting on our vision can be just by sharing it (speaking about it to others)

Genesis 37:1
“And Joseph dreamt a dream and told it to his brothers…”

Sharing it may be a dangerous act, because people steal others’ dream, sometimes even envy them for their vision, but shearing your vision is a step at working towards it.

Another step is, believe in your vision. Believing in our vision can carry us a long way at achieving it. In short, our believe factor is one of the powerful powers of our vision.


Watch out for next week’s edition. We shall be discussing the characteristics of a vision.

If you have any comment, need a friend to talk to, or to counsel you, contact me on these phone numbers: 0886- 749110/0886- 139310/ 0770- 749110/ 0770- 443355.

The counseling session will be coming up on February 28, 2015 on the OLD ROAD BEHIND YORK PLAZA HOTEL at 4:30pm for 2 hours. Come and let us share our thoughts. You may call for direction.

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