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Tough Measures for Car Dealers, Driving School Operators

The Public Safety Division at the Liberia National Police has summoned car dealers and operators of driving schools for the vigorous enforcement of traffic safety laws. The division is on the verge of embarking on several measures to attain absolute control of public traffic safety here.

Speaking to the New Dawn Wednesday at the National Police Headquarters on Capitol Hill, the Chief of Public Safety Col. Mekee S. Gray said the police with support from the Justice Ministry have summoned dealers of both used and brand new cars in the country, administrators of seven driving schools, heads of transport unions and leaders of commercial motorcyclists for the enforcement of public safety measures.

Gray said safety measures expected to come in force effective July 3, 2012 include impounding right hand drive vehicles, car models that are 10 years old, preventing private vehicles from being commercialized, and restricting reckless driving.

Gray noted there are seven driving schools in the country with seven different curriculum, something he described as troubling and dangerous for the state as the driving community was being dominated by young people.

The Public Safety Chief said due to the protracted neglect of the traffic safety rules as a result of the 14 years of civil conflict, both business and private institutions are taking advantage of the situation.

“People are bringing in cars that are forbidden for our traffic laws. The laws governing traffic are clear and we will not bend the laws to satisfy friends or relatives. Car dealers are aware of the laws, but they choose to violate [them] and there is nothing we do about it. It is time that the law takes its course”, he added.

He said the police will start to regulate curriculum of driving schools to ensure they reflect the traffic laws of Liberia, and that authorities of those schools live within the confines of the curriculum.

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