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Traffic Judge defends police officers

By Kruah Thompson

The Judge of the Traffic Court at the Temple of Justice Karsor Zubah has defended traffic police who take money from drivers, arguing that it’s not wrong for traffic police to receive money from drivers, while directing the traffic.

According to him, the system in Liberia sees it to be wrong and different but in certain lines of business, people give tips when they are satisfied with the service that has been provided.

Judge Zubah claims there are people who really admire the police when they are working and want to appreciate them. Therefore, he says it’s not a wrong thing to appreciate the police.

Speaking to reporters over the week, the Traffic Court Judge noted that the man who gives police officers money because he has violated traffic laws is equally as corrupt as the police officers who received the money.

According to him, the person who is giving the money is already corrupt and he wants to corrupt the mind of that police officer.

However, Judge Zubah says if you see a traffic police officer and you admire his work, at your own level you can call him and say “look, I really appreciate your work, “here’s a token of appreciation.”

He says not everybody will be a police officer, but it takes a lot of energy and training to be a police officer standing in the street, directing traffic.

A token is a free offer done in appreciation of good services provided, but in most instances here, police officers park vehicles and demand money from drivers for traffic offenses. Editing by Jonathan Browne   


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