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Traffic Violators Warned

The Traffic Section of the Liberia National Police or LNP came down hard on Friday, 30 September, with multiple motorcycle and vehicle impoundments along the Congo Town route for traffic violations, with warning to sent vehicle operators and motorcyclists to court.

The weekend operations led by newly re-elevated police chief for traffic Meekie Gray and his deputies,occasioned the impoundment of vehicles and motorcycles caught using opposite lanes, as well as those moving without license plates.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Gray, suggested that the long cue of vehicles that may be observed along the Congo Town route could not be an excuse for road users to drive on opposite lanes to the disadvantage of others who should move freely.

Deputy Commissioner Gray said the essence of the operation was to ensure public safety and effective restriction of traffic rules, warning that the police would issue out tickets and sent violators to court when caught.

Mr. Gray, who served the police intelligence section for sometime before being returned to the traffic section recently, noted that every commuter had rights to the road that must not be infringed upon by others claiming to be in haste.

His Deputy Chief of Traffic, Chief Superintendent Gibson B. Kaung, said they were impounding vehicles using opposite lanes and those moving without license plates so as to prevent harm. He said Friday’s operation was strictly intended to warn violators, as any further violation would face issuance of tickets.

Speaking with reporters near the Lone Star Cell MTN Congo Town office, Mr. Kaung said the police will not relent to sent vehicle operators to court, if they continue to violate traffic, citing public safety concerns.Impounded motorcycles were seen packed in police pickups during the operation.

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By Winston W. Parley-Edited by George Barpeen

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