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Tragic Monday!

At least two persons reportedly died on Monday, 5 June when a commercial sand truck ran into a motorbike, killing a woman and the bike rider on the Barnesville-Johnsonville road, while several passengers sustained serious injuries down Johnson Street before the Gabriel Tucker Bridge after a container truck crashed into a taxi while descending.

On Johnson Street, eyewitnesses narrated that the container truck was heading toward the bridge, but developed break failure, colliding with another truck traveling in the same direction.

They continue that four passengers on board a Taxi with Plate#3373 sustained serious wounds after they were hit from the back by the container truck. The injured persons were immediately taken to the Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town, a Monrovia suburb for medication.

The driver of the taxi, Fayah Kemoh, explains to The NewDawn that he and a female passenger riding in the front of the vehicle escaped unharmed. Kemoh laments that the wounded persons are in critical conditions due to impact from the container truck, damaging the rear of his taxi.

The damaged taxi with service name: “Shame on them” was subsequently removed from the accident scene by the Liberia National Police (LNP) and parked at the Slipway Police Depot, pending further investigation.

Another motor accident occurred the same day within Johnsonville Township when a commercial truck transporting sand ran into a motorcycle, killing two persons instantly, one of them a female.

Eyewitnesses detail that two passengers, a male and his girlfriend were on the bike besides the bike rider, but the boyfriend jumped off after noticing that the sand truck was about to hit the motorcycle.

The lone survivor tried saving his girlfriend, but was unsuccessful as the truck ran into the motorcycle, killing the lady and the rider. According to eyewitnesses, in an attempt to save the life of his girlfriend, the guy held her by the head, but unfortunately, only her wig cap left in his hand as the truck dragged her and the motorcyclist into a nearby shop, killing them.

Since the completion of the newly constructed Kebbah Road, there have been series of motor accidents along that route, destroying lives and properties. Heavy duty trucks often ply the road with terrific speed in disregard of traffic rules. The Liberia National Police have begun preliminary investigation into the accident.

By Emmanuel Mondaye& Samuel Kamara-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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