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Transformational Leadership

The quest for good leadership is something we talk about and crave for daily. The problem of Africa and many continents around the world is not lack of resources but good leadership.

Many of us hold positions, in families, corporate entities, government, churches etc. Our common disposition many times is to criticize and talk about people we consider leaders, what they do or should have done. This many times is born out of the hopes we all put in our leaders who we naturally imagine should know what to do. Many a times we have lived in the illusion that a leader is someone that cannot make any mistake, a person without weakness who knows it all, but these might be far from the realities of true leadership.

A kin observation today reveals that a lot of young people are confused about what true leadership is all about. This sometimes could be an aftermath of leaders who present themselves as super humans, or dictators who intimidate their followers for their selfish gains.

Let us examine a few examples of leaders:

Positional Leadership: Always conscious of titles, position, rights, with commanding tone. They are authoritative and less conscious about their responsibilities, not concerned about the feelings of others or impact of their decisions on their followers.

Occupational Leadership: Will do anything to be in power, derive their self esteem from then position they occupy. Leadership for them is a duty as long as they are in position, once someone else takes over leadership they become envious, comparing themselves with other and might even instigate others against the new leadership.

Oppressive Leadership: Intimidates others, hardly takes counsel or seek other people’s opinion. Oppressive leaders talk rudely, insults followers at will and derives pleasure in people being afraid of them. Egocentric, full of pride and always look for opportunity to make others feel inferior.

Transformational Leadership: Transformational leaders are selfless, willing to seek opinion of others, love their followers, are concerned about the welfare of others. Deny themselves of comfort for the benefit of others, they anticipate the needs of their followers and are always willing to make sacrifice for the benefit of others. Transformational leaders are patient with their followers where attitudinal change is concerned. They are persistent in pursuit of goals that will benefit others and work for common good.

If we can solve the problem of leadership in Africa, we would have solved more than half of our long standing problems. Transformational leadership is the key to the revolution Africa and the world has been waiting for. The day you and I would become conscious of what we do in our homes, market place, offices and become leaders by example, willing to sacrifice their comfort for the good of their nation and family is the day we will begin to experience uncommon prosperity and progress as a people. Imagine a nation where we all see ourselves as one and lead without any tribal, social or religious sentiments; that would be a land of true Liberty and justice.

Many a times we’ve mastered the act of criticizing our national leaders, yet we engage in worse corrupt practices in our little positions and offices. The deception is, thinking that if we have the opportunity at that level we would make better decisions, which is always an illusion.

Transformational Leadership is not inspired by the size of your position but by willingness to do what is right every time we have the opportunity. Life will always present you with the opportunity to make a change that affects others. You will always have an opportunity to lend a helping hand to someone around you but what you do at such times determines who you really are.

One thing I have discovered in life is that leadership is not a right but an opportunity. It is an opportunity to contribute positively to your society and better the lives of others. It is an opportunity to be a role model to others, honestly knowing that history will judge what you do today even when you are on more.

Our world will become a better place, our children will enjoy prosperity, and corruption will become a forgotten issue if you and I will make the decision of being the change we intend to see in our society. It is true that you alone may not be able to do it all but your legacy will be an inspiration to others and a pattern for others to follow.

It’s no longer time for talk but take action that will change our lives as a people. Embrace transformational leadership today, and together we will make Africa a better and enviable continent for others to emulate. 

(Ezekiel Moses is a, Writer, Consultant, a Creative Artist and Broadcaster. He is a sought after motivational speaker who has impacted many people, young and old over the years. He is a Branding, Marketing and Adverts specialist and Best Seller Author. For further enquires please call: 231 7755 97336, www.changeentertainments.blogspot.com E-mail: iamezekielmosesdgr8@gmail.com)

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