Translate endorsement into votes

VICE PRESIDENT JOSEPH Nyumah Boakai, who is vying for the presidency, seems to be the happiest politician in Liberia today, as indicated by mass endorsements he has received from legislative groups both in the Senate and the House of Representatives, youth groups and citizens from Lofa, Bong and Gbarpolu counties, respectively for his bid for the nation’s highest seat.

VICE PRESIDENT BOAKAI, who is Standard Bearer of the governing Unity Party, has reportedly described the ongoing endorsement spree for his candidacy as unprecedented, as no other aspirants in the race for the presidency has enjoyed such expressions of support from the citizenry.

However, we caution the Vice President not to be complacent, as endorsements are only meaningful if they were translated to votes at the ballot box on polling day, meaning those organizing these endorsement programs for the UP Standard Bearer should go beyond to mobilize registered voters to go to the polling booth on October 10, 2017 to elected him the next President of Liberia.

ANYTHING SHORT OF translating these endorsements to real votes for VP Boakai could become deception to the highest degree with adverse political consequences.

WE ARE SOUNDING THIS caution not to discourage the Vice President, but to draw his attention to the scenarios of then Presidential hopeful Cllr. Varney Sherman in 2005 and Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, current standard bearer of the Liberty Party, who both thought at the time they had the support of the electorates, but results from the polls proved contrary in terms of votes and percentages.

OFFICIAL START OF campaign for the October polls is just a month away. We urge VP Boakai and those behind these endorsements along with all other aspirants for both the Presidency and the House of Representatives to roll up their sleeves come July to go all out to seek the support of registered voters.

THE VICE PRESIDENT should be further warned that some of those lawmakers lining up for his endorsement, particularly from the House of Representatives, have already lost the support of their respective constituents, and are therefore, not even certain of returning to the Capitol Building.

WHEN ELECTED OFFICIALS betray the trust of their people for six long years, they are left with no alternative, but attempt to seek relevance under the cover of group endorsement of a politician with relatively trusted character to hide theirs.

VP BOAKAI SHOULD be mindful of such wolves in sheep garments masquerading the political corridor of our nation as well-intentioned individuals, who command the respect and confidence of their people when in reality, they have become complete failure with nothing to show for their leadership.

THE UP STANDARD Bearer and all other vying for Presidency would do themselves well by going to registered voters across the country to seek their support rather than relying on endorsements from few handful of individuals, whose real motive is to hide their inadequacies.

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