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Transport Minister bows to CDC

A day after the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) thru its chairman Mulbah Morlu instructed the Minister of Transport Samuel Wlue to withdraw the elevation of Mr. Oliver Dillon, an employee of the ministry to a newly created post, Director of Port and Border Entries because he’s a non-partisan the minister has revoked the appointment accordingly.

The decision by the ruling party has received widespread public condemnation here, with many pointing that its violates the Constitution of Liberia which calls for equal employment opportunities for all qualified Liberians regardless of politics.

Mr. Oliver Dillon, who has reportedly been in the employ of the Transport Ministry for more than six to seven years as a civil servant, is brother of opposition Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of Montserrado County, a strong critic of the ruling establishment.

But chairman Morlu in a weekend press statement argued that irrespective of the inspiration behind the decision, there can be no moral justification for supporting Cabinet Ministers’ appointment of non-partisans to important positions at ministries and agencies, while qualified partisans are left to wander in street corners, looking for jobs.

The statement called on the Minister to withdraw the appointment, which it describes as provocation. The CDC maintains the decision is a necessary step in building a cohesive and strong party.

Emphasizing the importance of adhering to President Weah’s mandate to officials early this year that ‘There will be no room for errors’, the national executive committee of the party said it will monitor officials’ performance by constructively criticizing, praising or requesting the President to dismiss where necessary.

However, speaking to Prime FM in Monrovia Monday, Oliver Dillon clarified that he had formally written Minister Wlue, asking him to disregard the appointment because of the political row it has generated because of his linage to Sen. Dillon.

“I have no regret for being a brother of Senator Dillon; I didn’t choose which family to belong to. It is God that placed me there”, Oliver said.

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He was seconded to the new post after the court acquitted him of murder charge brought by the government for stabbing a member of a criminal gang that attacked him years ago. The governing Coalition for Democratic Change seems increasingly nervous of its chances in winning a second term in 2023, and has begun to threaten officials in government they risk losing their jobs if they failed to toe the line.

Chairman Morlu after a long silence from the Coalition defeat in the December 8, 2020 midterm senatorial threatened those senior officials of the ruling establishment who are not working in concert in lifting President Weah’s Pro-poor agenda would lose their job before the 2023 Presidential elections.

“Before we lose the election you will lose your job. We cannot employ you and [you are] working against the interest of the government and party. The interest of the president and party comes first, it is time to serve our people and the country at large but some selfish officials are working against us and if they don’t stop, they will lose their job,” Morlu raged.

The warning is neither the first nor the second by the CDC, but is the first major public utterance by the boisterous ruling party chair since his dismal performance at the poll last December.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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