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Trees Planting Hits Cape Mount

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The Lonestar Communications Corporation or LCC and its partner Flora have begun the planting of trees along the lake in Robertsport and Sembehum in Grand Cape Mount County to prevent erosion and improve the environment. The exercise was part of Lonestar Cell annual charity program 21-Days of Care.

About 7.4 acres of land has been covered with planted palm trees out of the 14areces that was designated for the project. Lonestar Cell is expected to turn the trees over to the villagers of Sembehum as part of the company’s social responsibility. According to the LCC, when the trees begin to produce palm, the county will decide what to do with the funds it will generate.

The LCC planted about one thousand palm and coconut trees in the county for the benefit of the people in the county.  The town chief of Sembehun, Haji Somba expressed joy for the investment Lonestar has made in his village, describing it as long term investment for the young people.

Mr. Somba said the trees will be properly managed by the county and the benefit from it will touch every citizen in the county.

For her part, the superintendent of Grand Cape Mount County, Catherine Watson Khasu expressed dissatisfaction and how the tree planting exercise has been carried on by Lonestar Cell. She said though the company is helping the people of the county, but planting the trees in a particular district of the county means only few will benefit from the products of the trees in the future.

But Lonestar Cell clarifies that the selection of site to plant the palm was in collaboration with the Forestry Development Authority or the FDA and EPA. The LCC said it has been on the agenda of the FDA and EPA to plant trees in that county, and Sembehun was designated already by the FDA, so Lonestar Cell took the initiative to buy the trees and plant it for the county.

Madam Khasu also recommended to the Lonestar Cell to include coco trees in their last face of the exercise. In remarks, the Assistant Managing Director of the FDA Kendrick Johnson said the FDA supports the LCC program, adding that it will help government in its effort to reach out to the people.  He encouraged Lonestar Cell to continue being helpful to the Liberian people.

Also making remarks, the CEO of Lonestar Cell, Mazen Mroue said his company hope to see the trees benefit the people of Grand Cape Mount county. He said the LCC is and will always partner with the Forestry Development Authority and Fiona and Flora to plant trees along the lake in Robertsports and Sembehum in Grand Cape Mount County to prevent erosion and improve the environment.

“As part of the MTN Group, Lonestar Cell believes that it must, as a corporate partner, care about the people and the environment wherein they live.  Lonestar Cell 21-Days of Care bring us into various communities, working and caring for the people. As a business entity, making profit is important, but giving back in ways that empower and better the lives of the people is even more important,” he said.

During the period of the 21 Days, Lonestar Cell will target schools, hospitals, clinics, orphanages homes, and communities as beneficiaries.

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