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Tributes for fallen senator

The Liberian Senate pays tribute to the late Montserrado County Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherif during its 9th sitting of the 2nd session on Tuesday.

Senate President Pro-tempore Albert Chie, read the statements and tributes on behalf of the Senate.

The mood in the Chambers of the Senate Tuesday, 12 February was one of grieve and sorrow as Senators mourn their late colleague.
Senator Nyonblee Kangar- Lawrence of Grand Bassa County sobs in tears, as the seat of the late Senator Doe-Sherif was turned over.

She was the Chair of the Committee on Executive.
Pro-Tempore Chie laments that she is gone and they are left behind to continue the struggle, a struggle of life in public service he says where no politician can win no matter what he does.

He thanked fellow Senators for their love and support given to the late Senator Doe-Sherif during her time of illness, saying that she was taken to America, India and Ghana where she finally ended her life’s journey.

“While we all showed concern to our sister when she was sick, I would like to thank in a special way two individuals, who made efforts beyond the extra ordinary to insure that our now deceased got treatment; they are Senator Dr. Peter Coleman, who made health care appointments and was the last senator to see her alive in Ghana and also Mr. Soni Doe, Senior Protocol Officer at the Senate, who in a very humble spirit made necessary travel arrangements for the late senator to travel for treatments. He kept in touch with them at the various hospitals”, the Pro-Tempore recalls.

In their many tributes, one of the senators wrote saying, “Death has no respect, no notice, no warning; lady Zico, the organizer, the crowd puller. I can imagine the friendly colleague of ours walking in the senate chambers very active, we will miss her a lot.”

Another Senator eulogizes, “This is very sad news for the Liberian Senate and Liberia as a whole, bye, bye to our block leader, a unifier; the strong Iron Lady is gone, she is no more, a great loss to all of us, she will be remembered for her brave and courageous stand during her political life time.”

“This is so hard; I feel like falling apart, what a tragedy and loss, Lady Zico, Lady Zico, sleep well, for God will take care of your family you left behind. God have mercy! This is hard to believe, death is a real enemy of mankind, oh death! Your cold hands have snatched away this illustrious daughter of the Southeast; we love you but God loves you the best. The Senate has lost a great and dynamic member, oh, what a great lost!” The various Senators wrote.

According to Pro-tempore Chie, the Government has dispatched Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor and Maryland County Senator H. Dan Morais, who currently chairs the Committee on Foreign Affairs, to Ghana to assist the family of the late Senator Doe-Sherif in making all necessary arrangements to transport her remains to Liberia.
By Ethel A. Tweh –Editing by Jonathan Browne

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