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Trinity High school to get lab equipment, textbooks

A US-based Liberian has pledged Science Laboratory equipment and Mathematics textbooks to the Trinity Methodist High School in the Borough of New Kru Town, Bushrod Island.

Mr. K. Advertus Karpeh made the pledge on Thursday, June 26, 2014 when he served as keynote speaker at the commencement program of the school. He said one of the major problems facing Liberian schools is lack of laboratory equipment and textbooks.

“I visited the facility and classrooms of this school and what I saw was shocking. There was no equipment in the science lab. How can you teach the children theory of science and there is no hands-on practical experience of mixing chemicals to get an understanding of the theory you taught them in the classroom?” he asked rhetorically.

Karpeh called on the Government of Liberia to fix problems facing the nation’s educational system, saying, “These students are our future leaders and therefore, it is incumbent upon us to give them the best education we can. My group in America will continue to do our share but the major responsibility to fix the school system falls on the government.”

He admonished teachers to stop taking money from students to promote them to the next class and also called on students to stop buying grades from teachers.

“If you are earnest, disciplined, determined and study your lessons, you will not have to bribe any teacher for grades”, he told the graduating class.

According to him, some of these problems can be solved if the school system brings in qualified teachers, and added that the lack of qualified teachers is the root cause of teachers taking bribes from students for grades.

The keynote speaker also observed that dishonesty is a big problem in both government and the private sector, which has increased corruption in the society. He said if Liberians are to rebuild their country after 14 years of conflict, those entrusted with power should stop stealing the people money to enrich themselves.

Karpeh said such vices retard progress noting that giving people jobs based on patronage, nepotism, favoritism or ‘who you know’ is destructive to the society.

“Let people be given jobs based on merit and qualification and not because you know somebody who is close to the President”, he pointed out.

The commencement speaker said he is disturbed by the high level of poverty in the country since his return from America. “There are too many poor people than rich people and this is not good for the country”, he concluded.

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