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Trouble in Bong

Protesters in Weala, Bong County set ablaze two police stations and a magisterial court on Monday, 1 April in venting their anger over the mysterious death of a motorcyclist who was found dead last month in the area.

Our correspondent says the protesters were demanding immediate police investigation into the death of victim Moses Wolopaye when they went on the extreme of burning down the two police stations and the Baypolu Magisterial Court.

In addition to the burning down of the three state facilities, a home belonging to a business man identified as Stephen Tokpa was earlier burned by the protesters.
The protesters, mostly motorcyclists, have accused businessman Tokpa of allegedly murdering their deceased colleague Wolopaye whose death has prompted the protest in county.

Some of the angry motorcyclists who spoke with our Bong County correspondent have accused the police of allegedly showing nothing to convince the public that they are investigating the matter.The protesters indicate that they see businessman Tokpa as suspect because his alleged identification card was found on the crime scene.

“When we saw the lifeless body of our colleague, we discovered an ID card belonging to Business Tokpa right by the body. But since the beginning of March, the police have not told us anything,” Jeremiah Sarnoh, one of the motorcyclists says in an interview with this paper.

Sarnog warns that they will not rest until police launch quick investigation into the matter and come up with findings to the public.

Wolopaye went missing on 1 March, exactly one month before the protest on Monday, 1 April.
The deceased’s lifeless body was discovered on 6 March with parts extracted, according to a resident who refuses to be named.

Police had announced that they had launched an investigation into the incident.
But the rampaging residents comprising mostly of motorcyclists, stormed the first police station and burned it down before going on to burn the next station.
By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong –Edited by Winston W. Parley.

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