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‘Trumped-up charges’

-US congressman described charges against Cummings

A US Congressman has described the action filed against the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings as ‘trumped-up charges.

In a leaked WhatsApp chat room message published on social media by Mr. Mulbah Yorgbor, ANC’s Director of Communication, from Henry Costa of the Council of Patriots (COP), Costa is said to have quoted excerpts of the message purported to be from US Congressman Chris Smith’s Chief of Staff Riva Levinson that the charges against Mr. Cummings are trumped up.

The actual message was said to have emanated from the offices of Congressman Smith’s Chief of Staff to Liberia’s Ambassador to the US Mr. George Pattern informing him (Amb. Pattern) of an inquiry into the Cummings’ trial which suggests that the entire prosecution is based on trumped-up charges.

The actual message reads: “Further to our conversation the other day, I have made some inquiries. The prosecution of Alexander Cummings on what appears to be trumped-up charges has not been well-received. There is renewed interest in Nathaniel McGill, whom you know from our previous conversations there is a dossier on.

Now Benoni Urey and his daughter Telia have also attracted attention, as has the Solicitor General Cyrennius Cephas. I think people are also looking into the judge’s record, to see if he has a history of corruption. Just wanted to let you know, based on our relationship. Other than that, I hope you have a good weekend.”

According to information received by this paper, upon receipt of the message Amb. Pattern then forwarded same to Minister McGill.

The question as to how the message ended up at Costa is a debate for another day. This paper tried reaching out to Mr. McGill to verify the information but all attempts proved futile.

But in an earlier interview with FrontPage Africa Minister McGill refuted forwarding the message to Henry Costa, but admitted forwarding same to Mr. Benoni Urey, Solicitor General Cllr. Cyrennius Cephus and Maritime boss Lenn Eugene Nagbe.

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On Monday, January 3, 2022, Mr. Urey’s ALP filed a complaint before the Monrovia City Court accusing Mr. Cummings of allegedly committing forgery and criminal conspiracy, hours after he announced a pullout from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), of which the ANC and two other political parties are a part.

The Court subsequently issued an arrest order against Mr. Cummings on Monday, 3 January 2022.

Mr. Urey who served as CPP’s first chairman has for several months alleged that the ANC’s political leader Mr. Cummings tampered with the CPP framework agreement and unlawfully attached his (Mr. Urey’s) signature to a photocopy version of what was purported to be an approved version of the CPP framework agreement by all parties in the CPP.

But after securing a criminal appearance bond to guarantee his release Tuesday, 4 January 2022, Mr. Cummings said the ALP political leader made a big mistake to have gone after him (Cummings).

Mr. Yorgbor who published the leaked WhatsApp message including several exchanges within the COP chat room has since announced his resignation from the pressure group that conducted the country’s largest postwar demonstration here a few years ago.

Yorgbor resigned as Secretary-General of the CoP stating among other things that Henry Costa the leader of the group was now working with the George Weah Government against the opposition bloc and therefore can no longer be a part of such group.

Yorgbor: “When I joined the CoP, I prepared myself to fight for the Liberian people. I put my business and family on the line because I believed then that the cause was genuine and that true advocacy would be the hallmark of our engagement. I spent my personal resources many times without regret because I was sold to this idea.

When I joined the ANC, folks in the leadership got uncomfortable with my new political home and orchestrated my removal under a ‘conflict of interest’ guise. I made no noise about it.

I am however sickened by new discoveries that Henry Costa, Chairman of the CoP is truly working with the government. In fact, McGill shares information against the opposition community with him. He admits (proudly) to working with the government against the opposition. He brags about it.

Henry’s duplicitous nature is not only hurting the CoP but the entire opposition community. He has a blessing that he’s sadly abusing and using for personal gains. I can’t, in good conscience and sound mind continue to associate with a group whose head is working against the people that it is supposed to speak for. I think I’ve reached that point to call it a day.

I hereby disassociate with the CoP with immediate effect. Thank you all for the support when I served as SG.

Thank you!”https://thenewdawnliberia.com/liberia-court-suspends-cummings-hearing/

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