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Tubman University staffs stage go-slow

Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland County

Members of the Staffs Association of the William V.S. Tubman University in Harper City, Maryland County, southeast Liberia have staged an indefinite go-slow over alleged administrative management and other excesses.

They have called for the replacement of the University’s acting President, Dr. Emmanuel Leon Sieh Wreh. Tubman University is the second public university in Liberia next to the University of Liberia.

Addressing a press conference at the University campus on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, The President of the TU Staffs Association Theodore Fubulleh said, the university staff’s go-slow action comes following several communication addressed to the university administration concerning bad labour practices, low salaries, lack of transportation and gross disrespect to staffs among others.

Mr. Fubulleh recounted that since February 28, 2023, they have been engaging the administration on campus to provide redress to issues affecting staff members.

TU staffs

He notes that it’s saddening that the administration chose to go the path of ignoring their concerns despite staff giving them warnings of an imminent go-slow.

According to him, their organization was established to buttress the efforts of the TU administration in steering the affairs of the institution and as well to ensure that all teaching staffs work in a free atmosphere with equal rights in discharging their duties.

“This body was set up to steer the affairs of TU which has been suffocated over the years with administrative discriminations; to right the wrongs of the past and create policies of ensuring that workers work in a free environment with equity.” He said.

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The TUSA President maintained that their demonstration is not the first of its kind, but it’s intended to remind university administration of the various counts enlisted in their recent protests.

Mr. Fubulleh narrated that during their recent demonstration on the campus, the university administration was asked to provide explanations on expenditures made on monies paid by students for the purchase of a school bus, increment of workers’ salaries, and the provision of safe drinking water on the campuses of TU amongst other.

But alleged that the university administration informed them that the monies raised from the students to purchase a school bus were used to purchase a vehicle for the University’s acting President Dr. Emmanuel Leon Sieh Wreh, describing it as “Misappropriation of public funds.

The aggrieved staff’s president also pointed out that the recent increment made at TU benefited members of the administration only. He alleged that the university staff was left out.

The aggrieved University staff president disclosed that on several occasions, they have written the administration, but the administration has always referred them to the national government.

He accused the administration of lacking the gusts to properly respond to their requests, stressing that it was a total gross disrespect to the teaching staff of the university.

Meanwhile, the aggrieved staffs have called for the restructuring of the University’s cabinet including the removal of the acting President Mr. Wreh.

He said if their concerns are not address, their go-slow-action which will continue unabated till they get redress.

 until their counts can be given redress.

“With the power in me vested, we declare go-slow until we have a real impactful response to all our counts beginning at the end of this statement,” TUSA President Fubulleh said.

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