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Tweah urges AMEU students to chat the path of transformation

Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel D. Tweah Jr, has urged elected officials of the African Methodist Episcopal University 22nd Students Governing Council to chat the path of transformation and new kind of social activism in the country.

Tweah said that changing the face of social activism requires young people to have independent thoughts, instead of allowing themselves to be brainwashed by selfish politicians, who are ignoring the current developmental success of the country.

He made the disclosure at the induction ceremony of the student governing council of the African Methodist Episcopal University held on Friday, January 21, 2022.

According to him, student leaders should be objective in their thinking, and the essence of such is by looking at the goals and objectives of the society and the dynamics of social, and political activism.

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 ‘’You have a new responsibility to change the face of politics and social activism in Liberia. I am challenging you today to think independently and the first mark that defines a man or woman is independently thought’’ he explained.

He noted that students should put on their own thinking and judgment rather than thinking from the political class of the government, adding that they should redefine themselves as educated individuals, be objective and analyze freely.

“Do not be “micro-managed” by any political class, ruling or opposition, free your mind and see beyond what they cannot see’’ he added.

As students of activism, you have the greatest responsibility to contribute to the transformation of social discourse. ‘’ The way you talk in your community, the way you speak and talk at AMEU will have to change’’ he stressed.

“I am demanding that kind of activism now because you have a huge responsibility to change the dynamics. Be less acceptable to manipulation. Don’t be the “pond” of the government or opposition, so let your activism bring energy to a new Liberia.

He called on the students to use their activism to elevate African Methodist Episcopal University to a new level. “Engage with other students across the world and use your energy to help this great president like the board of trustees who are trying to elevate AMEU to a new level’’ release


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