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Two former NEC chairpersons to testify for UP

Two former Chairpersons of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Cllr. Francis Johnson- Allison and Cllr. James Fromayan are due to testify as witnesses for ruling Unity Party (UP) in the ongoing elections fraud and irregularities case filed by opposition Liberty Party (LP) at the NEC in Monrovia.

Mrs. Francis Johnson-Allison and Mr. James Fromayan have both served as chairpersons at the NEC at separate times under the Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf administration.

The names of the two former NEC chairpersons were presented at the hearing recently by the UP to form part of its 15 witnesses expected to testify before the Commission.

The UP is backing LP’s claims of elections fraud and irregularities that have stalled a presidential runoff which was due to be held on 7 November before a Supreme Court decision halted it pending the outcome of the ongoing case.

Before heading the NEC, both Cllr. Allison and Cllr. Fromayan served as lawyers for the UP.During a hearing at the NEC, a UP witnesses Mr. Josiah Joekai attributed the fraud and irregularities to disorderliness on the part of the NEC.

Meanwhile, legal luminaries closely watching the ongoing legal battle between the NEC and UP are suggesting that the Cllr. Allison and Cllr. Fromayan would strengthen the legal team of the UP in providing those evidences claimed to be in its possession.

The hearing continues today, Wednesday, 15 November at the NEC Headquarters in Sinker with more witnesses expected to testify.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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