Two Suffocated to Death

At least two people were reportedly suffocated to death, while dozen others went unconscious for hours during a tarry held at an edifice last weekend in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Those reported dead are Esther Flomo and Peterson Roberts. Scores of worshippers who became unconscious for hours were revived by doctors and nurses at the Government Hospital where they were rushed.

According to the report, the incident happened at the Praise Worship Center (Church) during an all night worship (tarry) service last Friday in Buchannan, located 170 miles South-east of Monrovia. The report said the death and unconsciousness of the worshippers were the result of smokes from the generator they were using during the course of the night.

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It started when the worshippers, in their numbers, decided to locked themselves in-door from 10 pm Friday to about 6 am Saturday with the generator inside providing electricity.

Some of the worshippers who did not have strong resistance, having in-haled the smokes from the generator inside the edifice, went unconscious, while others died on the spot. The irony is that the smokes from the generator were only circulating within the building during the all night service.

It can be recalled years now that a resident of New Georgia Housing Estates in Gardnersville, Counselor Nathaniel Jebbo and family died from suffocation from generator smokes and many more incidents of such, Writes TKS

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